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Discovery 1, Deck 6 Beware connecting cabin !. 6632/6630

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    Discovery 1, Deck 6 Beware connecting cabin !. 6632/6630

    Stern cabin 6632. We booked this cabin and on boarding were unhappy to find it was a connecting cabin with 6630, at no time during the booking process or in any of the deck plans did it show these cabins as connecting. Anyone who has had an interconnecting cabin will know that the sound insulation of the connecting door is virtually NIL !. And of course we had noisy neighbours who must have had hearing issues as they were only able to communicate in a very loud voice. They also seemed to think it was acceptable to return at 02.00 hrs and stick on the telly for an hour or so. Inconsiderate idiots.
    A further issue with deck 6 stern cabins are they are directly above the crew open deck, and while the crew are entitled to enjoy there downtime the noise and chanting like you would hear at a football match was unacceptable. Beware 6632 and 6630 are connecting and also the potential noise from the open deck area below.

    How frustrating, especially when you have checked the deck plans and there was no clue.

    Did you say anything when you were on board? Carol


      Hi Carol, I did go to see the Thomson rep who was selling cruises on board but it was a waste of time. She wasn't aware they connected and couldn't/ wouldn't do anything about it. Nothing I can do now your on board !!. Been as well going to see the greaser in the engine room. I will be talking to the TA we used.


        Good luck, somebody needs to update the deck plans and also take your issues seriously...Carol


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