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Thmonson Cruise Website for 2017

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    Thmonson Cruise Website for 2017

    Got fed up with looking at 2017 cruises on the web site and it being wrong, so called them and told them and Lady said that they had this problem last week and she was going to flag it up as urgent to their IT department, and offered to call me back once it was sorted, but I declined as I have it on favourites so can check back any time, but I did say to her, you are going to loose money if you are not careful because its not just Thomsons that I am looking at for a cruise in May, June or September 2017 but other cruise lines as well and I sure other people are doing the same.
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    Hello Isis3, We had the same problem with the Thomson cruise site at the start of this week. So last Monday e wet to the Thomson shop in Bury and spoke to the assistant manager, who told us that they were only booking cruises for Summer 2017 at their outlet and not on-line. We booked a cruise for August 2017. We would rather have booked online, as you always got a discount. We paid the full price in their shop. Sorry this reply is late being having trouble with the computer. Regards, Ivorvann.


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