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Thomson Majesty Cruise Report

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    Thomson Majesty Cruise Report

    Just returned from a week cruising on Thomson Majesty around Greece and Turkey. I am afraid I have to report a lot of cost cutting on Thomsons part. First the menu's much less choice than before although what was served was good. Then the ships musicians most are now not British but from everywhere like the rest of the crew

    Majesty is has a very unusual lay out with a stair tower right in the middle of the Lido deck and there are only six lifts instead of the normal nine.

    Although I know this is not Thomsons fault but Corfu airport is a nightmare to be avoided at all costs, they are just not geared up for the amount of people,

    Hi Smee,we are on this cruise in June,I do dread Corfu airport and i remember ont tine we had to queue outside to check in!! However,nothing ventured and all that,So looking forward to it still. Jan.


      Agreed about the strange pool deck layout. I've mentioned it in the review I've just posted.


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