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Little Bear Muster Drill Video going fleetwide

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    Little Bear Muster Drill Video going fleetwide

    Hi All

    On the recent CD cruise on the Eclipse, comments were made on the safety video used during muster drill.

    You will be delighted to know it is being rolled out across all of Royal Caribbean Group's vessels.




      I hope it doesn't backfire on them. I found it patronising that they need to dress up the information in such a way. I also felt that the content was lost amongst all the drivel. I also thought that the attempt at entertainment somehow made the serious message seem less important.

      It was OK the first time I watched it but if I were a regular cruiser with RCL/Celebrity I would soon find it intensely irritating.

      The safety drill is a nuisance but totally necessary. I would much rather they checked everyone attended, deliver the safety message succinctly then let us start our holiday.
      Cruising my way through life!



        It was an insult to intelligence, cr@p, a PITA, a joke gone wrong.........I'm running out of 'compliments'..........Wilba


          I had no words this morning, hence my emoji's but totally agree with History Addict and Wilba.
          i don't think it will last for long. Well I hope it doesn't.


            Some people on an RCI FB group said that they enjoyed it! Each to their own .....
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              Little Bear? What little Bear? I didn't even know there was a Little Bear in the video...and I was there throughout the whole 'safety drill'!


                For those forum members who haven't seen it yet, follow the link. Personally I think it's aimed at people with the attention span of a goldfish.

                Cheers OSD

                Our cruising days are over now.................


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