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Independence Of The Seas Day 4, A farewell to Kings....of cruise

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    Independence Of The Seas Day 4, A farewell to Kings....of cruise

    Day 4, A farewell to Kings….of cruise

    A day at sea today, the last one, we arrive back to Southampton early tomorrow morning.
    I am a bit boring, started the day with a run, but not on the running track, it was far too windy, I utilised one of the many running machines Indy has to offer in the gym, what a fantastic gym, state of the art, anyone who does like to keep fit you will not long for anything. Also a note for those who want fitness or health advice, there is a wellness program on here, they even have a machine that goes ping and will measure for fat or water retention, BPI I believe it’s called.
    The rest of the daylight hours was spent in training, yes as I mentioned before this is not a jolly, however part of the training was a second experience of the ice show Freeze Frame, what can I say, just as good second time around. What great value these cruises are, how much does it cost to see a Stars On Ice Show, its free here.
    Farewell show tonight with comic Ray Turner, an overture from the orchestra and a finale from the superb singers and dancers. The farewell dinner was A OK as you would expect, not as good as last night’s Chops Grill. The evening was rounded off by another offering on the Royal Promenade, a tribute to Brit Rock a fitting farewell.
    Sad to be leaving the Indy in the morning, but glad to be heading home to loved ones. I have to sign off to say I am now happy to say big ships are…………RCCL ships anyway, very, very, very big resorts, great for family cruises and I will do a longer cruise one day on a RCCL ship, the entertainment is reason enough to do that, facilities for most but would like a quiet space.
    Off on Aurora next week for my 50th birthday celebrations
    I have worked on many cruise ships, so for inside information or questions, please call me on 0800 408 6147 or email me at simonk@cruise.co.uk.

    You can also visit my blog at

    did you sail past IOW yesterday going west i am sure i saw it but it was far out.


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