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Live from Independence Of The Seas - Day one

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    Live from Independence Of The Seas - Day one

    Varied are the ways you can join a ship in Southampton, today I joined the Independence Of The Seas and made the decision a few weeks ago to travel down to Southampton by train, not many people do that and I can understand why with the perceived unreliability of train companies but have faith people, I left Kidderminster at 8.09 and arrived in at midday, jumped in a cab which cost a fiver down to City Cruise Terminal, now I am going to have a moan here, the City Cruise Terminal is not fit to embark 3500 in a timely manner, it took me one and a half hours to get onboard, yes I did arrive at peak time,but I always arrive at peak time and boarding normally takes 20 mins.

    I was fed up at this point but let me tell you I haven't stopped smiling since, big ship yes, and yes I have commented in the past about my dislike of big resort ships, but this is how a big resort ship should be, basically this ship is Americana, its main street USA and its presented brilliantly.

    The first thing I did was go straight to my inside room, 8519 and unpack, the room has a spacious feel, plenty of wardrobe space and the bathroom is big enough with a loo, shower and basin, one mirrored cupboard to put toiletries in. Settled in I went for some lunch up in the Windjammer buffet area, it was packed as you would expect on an embarkation day.

    Revitalized with a full tummy, now was the time for a quick jaunt around the ship, first things first, find the gym and running track for my run tomorrow morning done! next took a stroll down the Promenade, unquie to Royal Caribbean, the promenade is a stretch of shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants and works brilliantly, at various times the street is used for parades and themed evenings, tonight a 70's bash. It is the heartbeat of the ship.

    Before dinner I managed to grab a seat for the Ice Show 'Freeze Frame' again an ice rink, unique to Royal Caribbean, spectacular, a nostalgic look through the 40s, 50s, 60's and 70's. Any show that uses Jimmy Hendrick's Purple Haze as an intro wins me over hands down.

    Dinner was top notch, or should I say top nosh, after cocktails with fellow agents (I am on a travel seminar, working you know) we where shown to our table in the Romeo and Juliet restaurant, one of three main dining restaurants, 3 courses ( I had 2 starters, so four really) Coconut spice seafood soup, followed by Escargot, followed by prime rib and for dessert Mango pudding.

    A quick look in at the Seventies night to see the cruise staff dress up as the Village People and perform YMCA high over the Promenade ended a tiring but fun day. Beddy bys beacons zzzzzzzzzzz
    I have worked on many cruise ships, so for inside information or questions, please call me on 0800 408 6147 or email me at simonk@cruise.co.uk.

    You can also visit my blog at

    Great start to your cruise blog Simon.

    I look forward to tomorrow's edition.


      Glad you are enjoying yourself Simon.

      Regarding the City Cruise Terminal, firstly, there were over 4,000 people boarding. Secondly, our friends left our house in Fareham (25 minutes away from the port) at 9:45 am for the previous 3 day cruise and were on board at 11:00 am. ergo if everybody turns up at the same time it takes longer. Thirdly, if all TAs bother to advise their clients properly re. checking in online, the cruise terminal staff will be able to move the passengers through more speedily and hasten boarding.

      As it's half-term, there are lots of children onboard and lots of Brits. On the previous 3 day cruise, our friends told us that they experienced very little problem with the children and most of the Brits dressed up for the formal night and so did the children. Quite refreshing compared to many previous reports. It will be interesting to hear your opinions on this cruise.


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