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Allure Of Thes Seas - Day 6 - Eve

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    Allure Of Thes Seas - Day 6 - Eve

    Today was the final port at Cozumel and I have to admit it was a bit of a lazy day today. We got up early as we wanted to get off the ship and have a wonder around but to our surprise as we ventured out on deck the skys were black and the heavens opened. It then poured down for the next hour or so and was very foggy. We found an umbrella at Central Park , it was slightly broken but we still got off and gave it a go. You can just get off and walk around cozumel from the ship and it was about a 3 mile walk to the main area where there was lots of gift shops , restaurants and cafes. We did find a cafe here where if you spent $5 inside then you could get free Wi Fi which is obviously a bargain compared to onboard. They had big brands here as well such as Hard Rock Cafe and Senor Frogs. The main beaches are a 10 minute taxi ride away but very cheap and Royal Carribbean offered lots of excursions here and even a trip to Chichen Itza one of the seven wonders of the world. The tour was 10 hours in total with lots of travelling but two from our party went and said it was fantastic and well worth it. It wasnt as expensive as I thought either about £90.

    On the evening to keep up with the Mexico theme we decided to eat in Ritas Cantina on the boardwalk. No reservation is required here just a small cover charge of $3 and then each dish is priced individually so Emma and I had the Fajitas with beef and chicken and also nachos with salsa and cheese and the whole lot was only another $2 each so really good value and the food was yummy. Its a good atmosphere in here with the coloured lights hanging from the ceiling and the mexican music playing , a real fun casual and relaxed evening.

    To finish the night we went off to see the show Blue Planet. I have to be honest here and say this wasnt my cup of tea but were all different and others may love it. Its a show with singing and dancing that concentrates on the world and elements like earth , water and fire. I thought it was a bit cheesey and reminded me of eurovison a bit but there was one excellent bit in it where they transformed the stage into an under the sea scene by lifting up a huge net to the top and then projecting fish and underwater creatures on with acrobats on swings and ropes pretending to swim it looked really good and was the highlight for me.

    This is going to be the last post from me now as today is our last day before we fly home back to the UK. Its a day at sea today and also my Birthday ......yay , so im going to relax and make the most of my last day on the amazing Allure Of The Seas. We have had such an brilliant time and feel so lucky to have been on this trip to experience it all and know what it feels like to cruise on the biggest ship in the world.

    Home here we come.
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    Originally posted by Eve, Cruise.co.uk View Post
    ... We have had such an brilliant time and feel so lucky to have been on this trip to experience it all and know what it feels like to cruise on the biggest ship in the world.

    Home here we come.
    ...and THAT is why your experiences...ALL the cruise consultants who take part in these 'TA trips' experiences...are so important.

    You can advise with total confidence as you will have first hand experience of the ship.

    Thanks for letting us share.

    Safe journey home Eve.


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