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    Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
    Hi Garf
    Did see Wild Boys,,,80's music not my fav,,but they were really good,,,had the late show in the Music Hall bouncing.

    My favourites though,Rock the Boat....
    Had the place rocking every night.
    Did sense a bit of an attitude problem though,,,,they resented getting their noses pushed out by the Wild Boys on the 2 night cruise,,,,,they only did one gig,,,,Wild Boys did 3.And they let everyone know they were not happy bunnies,,with sarcastic comments re Wild Boys.

    They are on until Singapore ,,,but they don't know what after that.
    Hi jc
    That's funny as we felt the same when they were both on Anthem.
    Thanks for that..I'm currently at the O2 waiting for the great Jeff Lynne to take the stage.



      We never ever share a table in the MDR, always ask for a table for 4/5 or 7 when my parents are with us. Having a solo passenger or another couple on the table would really affect our enjoyment because we speak Welsh and that would probably mean having to converse in English. Of course we wouldn't exclude that person, but we wouldn't want to do it every night.
      Don't mind in the buffet because it's a different experience and it's nice chatting to other passengers there.


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