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RCI's Dynamic Dining : Mass Dissatisfaction, Feeble Solutions

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    The Devin experience comes from the name of the lady who concocts the menu, as her name is Devin. Quantum had her restaurant too. RCL is trying to attract the young generation to cruising, with their eating habits, but they don't usually have the time that older folk have. Cruising was always traditionally for the older ( enlightened) generation.
    On Quantum the dining queues started earlier, with people waiting to book a dining time, and they turned up hoping for a table. it was easier if you said you didn't mind sharing, in which case you were shown to a table with people already sitting, waiting for the final empty seats to be filled.
    On the inaugural trip from Southampton to New York, as so much time was taken up waiting in one queue or another, there wasn't much opportunity to explore the various places advertised. Things don't seem to be much different on Anthem, so lessons were not learned I don't think there was much feedback, as they thought they knew all the mistakes that needed sorting. Maybe the Chinese will get it right once Quantum is based there.


      Originally posted by Neil Down, Southampton View Post
      It was not the only mistake in the item but I fear that I might get taken to task if I complain about spelling and punctuation too severely. ........ Niel .
      Good fun but the quality of some of the writing does makes one want to weep at times. Sometimes I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.


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