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Price advice on booking RCCI

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    Originally posted by agent crystal View Post
    I was surprised because I am obviously an "innocent "where cruising is concerned- but thought that this forum was to "help" those less knowledgable and internet savvy than you .
    i was VERY wrong obviously!,,
    thanks a lot.
    Ps. I also shop around for the best possible deals but would NEVER call myself any sort of tart!.

    Rate tart isn't derogatory. It's a description of someone who keeps looking for the best rate for their savings/CC rates and Annie just hi jacked the term for her cruising research methods.
    I'd say welcome to the forum but you've been a member for a while.


      "Coupon booklet value of $300 in savings for (Free Casino credit, Spa credit, dinner discounts and much more)"
      Repeat RCI passengers normally get one of these. Personally I do not find them to be of much use. You only get discounts by possibly buying stuff you do not want. You know "10% off a spar treatment that costs over $150" etc. You would need to spend a small fortune on the items they discount to get the full $300.
      See my cruise blog: HERE


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