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Drink packages again!!!!

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    Drink packages again!!!!

    Hi Iam sorry I know drinks packages keeps coming up,but I just need to clarify a few things.
    1 That as we are sailing from Barcalona on seranade of the seas there will be an 8% tax on drinks,but not if we buy the package.

    2 The only place to get free water and iced tea is from the buffet.

    3 Are bottled water,fruit juices availableto take on shore excursions if you have purchesed the premium drinks package.

    4 Are specialiaty teas and coffees included in the premium package.

    Many Many thanks Tracey

    Not sure about Q. 1
    Q.2 Water tea, coffee is freely available all day from the buffet along with fruit juices in the morning and then cloudy still lemonade and fruit punch from lunchtime. You will also have water poured freely from the jug at your table in the MDR. However as you have a package if you prefer you can have bottled water.

    3. Yes you can grab a bottle of water from your package to take ashore or to your cabin (Note your package does not cover any drinks ordered via Room service nor drinks from your incabin minibar.

    4. Yes specialty teas and coffees are included.


      many thanks for the information


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