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Whats the duty allowance on a spain/canarys cruise?

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    Whats the duty allowance on a spain/canarys cruise?

    Ive tried to find out what the allowance is for duty free items bought .we are cruising to portugal, spain and canaries, maderia. All of which are in eec but canaries is excluded. So s it best not to buy anything in canaries, just mainland spain and portugal? Thanks for your help...

    Buy your allowance in the Canaries and/or Madeira. Then you can purchase more in mainland Spain and Portugal.... but make sure you get a receipt for customs.
    sigpic*Carol M*


      So we can buy our allowance in canaries and again on mainland?


        yes.. you need proof of what country you have brought what from as it depends if its an EU country or non EU country.

        HM Revenue & Customs: Tax when bringing in goods from abroad

        this link may help


          What you buy in Canaries will be duty free and subject to usual limits, e.g. 200 cigarettes. What you buy in Spain etc. has the duty paid on it already so you can bring back what you like within reasonable limits, butsome others have said keep the receipt from the tabac etc. to show where you purchased. We have done a couple of cruises that have included Gib and people have clearly decided that because they could buy as many cigarettes as the wanted it must be ok to bring them back - it isn't and it is up to individual to make sure they keep to their limit. Have seen many stopped by customs with cases of cigarettes. We have also been stopped and asked if we were aware of what our limits are and asked what we were carrying. As it happened we weren't carrying any duty free as I am more than happy with the 6 euro gin from the supermarket in Spain and we were not subject to a search.


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