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Is there a charge for Orange Juice on the IOS ??

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    Is there a charge for Orange Juice on the IOS ??

    I know this is a silly question but I like my OJ in the morning. I have seen other forum posts here to say that you have to pay for Orange Juice in the morning at Breakfast.... Was I reading them correctly ??? If so I think it's talking this excessive charging for everything, by the cruise lines, a bit too far.

    I see where IOS has a Juice package, but surely juice is a normal part of breakfast.

    Has anyone been on the IOS recently to let me know the situation.

    Thank you

    When we went in August there was a choice of juice at breakfast. The standard orange juice was free. What others may be referring to is the option to pay maybe 4 or 5 dollars from memory for fresh orange juice from fresh oranges.
    You will be fine.


      Thanks for clarifying that. I Like my Orange Juice in the morning...


        I've just got back from a trip on the Brilliance of the Seas, and the normal juices were served as part of breakfast. There did appear to be freshly squeezed orange juice on offer, but at a price.

        The juice package was something separate.
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