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DJs / Dress Suits on RCCL

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    DJs / Dress Suits on RCCL


    I have cruised with P&O and estimate that about 70-80% of men wore DJs / Dress suits on the formal nights. I have also cruised with RCCL on Independence of the Sea from Southampton and again estimate that about 70-80% of men wore DJs / Dress suits. However I was reading on the RCCL forum that not so many men wear DJs on sailings from Spain.

    Do you have any experience of RCCL cruises out of Malaga? If so, what percentage of men do you estimate wore DJs on formal nights?

    Also, next year we are booked on a RCCL transatlantic cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. Again if you have any experience of sailing from US ports, what percentage would you say wore DJs / Dress suits?

    Thanks. Rob

    we were on the Grandeur of the Seas sailing out of Palma in May. hubbie wore his dinner suit and did not feel the odd one out. DJ/DS were worn by about 30-40% of men. I wore a long dress on the two formal nights and again did not feel out of place.

    if you are comfortable in your formal wear then just wear it.
    don't want to work, just want to cruise.


      I have cruised many times out of Spanish and Italian ports on RCI and a few other cruise lines and the answer really depends on how many British are on your particular cruise. The Spanish or the Italians go for the suit and tie more so than the DJ, so if it is Spanish main or Bank Holiday, expect a lower turn out of DJ's.

      As for sailing out of US ports, I have always found a similar situation. If it's College Break weeks expect a lower turn out of DJ's.

      I have sailed out of Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Port Canaveral and always take a DJ........or two..........Wilba


        Thanks very much for your replies. I will follow your advice. Rob


          Hi Rob,
          I have just got back from a cruise with the oasis of the seas Fort Lauderdale-Nassau-St Maarten-St Thomas-Fort Lauderdale.
          On the formal Evenings it was really relaxed and I would say that only 60% actually went to the evening where as the rest went to the windjammers or solarium restaurants.
          Those who did attend the evenings only 70% wore DJs/Dress suits but nearly everyone wore a tie.

          I hope this helps you.



          The Oasis is one hell of a ship :o)


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