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IOTS 2011 Med Treasures Cruise (Aug 20th) Review

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    IOTS 2011 Med Treasures Cruise (Aug 20th) Review

    Hi All

    Just got back yesterday from a 14 night cruise. While things are fresh in my mind I thought I would get them down before the memory cells start deteriorating. Please note these are my observations and feedback from other passengers I met on board.

    Check in at Southampton.
    Smooth process and we were on board by 11.45am.

    Drinks packages (beer package).
    I haven't checked the RCI website but one thing to note the beer packages are sold to couples i.e. If are a couple you have to both buy the package, for example the minimum package was $39.99 per person per day which as a couple in a cabin equates to 2 X $39.99 pp per day (pretty steep unless you can each drink at least 5+ drinks everyday). The only way around this is that if you are the only one over 21 in the cabin or if you have a medical letter stating your partner cannot drink due to health reasons. This is not stated anywhere at the station and guest relations where you can purchase the packages. We are only advised verbally at each of the stations.
    FYI American beers came in at 4.95 for a bottle and any import beers $6.00 plus.

    Service at the bars was extremely good & friendly and I definitely recommend Angela in the Champagne Bar.

    Viking Lounge/Olive or Twist - Not bad vibe but you could feel the vibrations of the ship as this was the highest bar on the IOTS.

    Schooner and Bolero's
    Good vibe towards the later part of the evening with competitions, music and singalongs.

    Windjammer - Guys its a buffet with a wide choice of food, what more do you want? .
    It does get busy but, once you get your timings right you will always get a seat. With all the food I would advise picking from the back of the tray as certain guests have been observed coughing and touching the food with their hands. Teens did seem to think it was a great idea to fill their plates with pizza and burgers and then leave holding up tables and wasting food.

    Really excellent service and food! Couldn't fault it!

    Chops Grill
    Menu has changed slight i.e no T Bone Steak but replaced with a juicy Porterhouse.
    The Mississippi mud pie is to die for.......Again couldn't fault service or food.

    OK for snacks i.e Pizza, pies and antipasti.

    Main Dining
    Made a nice change from Windjammer and not as snobby as people may think. Again great service from Armando and Anthony our Waiter and Head Waiter respectively.

    Alahambra - We preferred the Motown show the rest was pretty average (personal view)

    Ice Show - See it to believe it! It truly is fantastic. Please note the tickets for ALL shows on our cruise were gone on the first day they came out. But saying that you can always wait for spares on the show day as there are always free seats available.

    Had a great time and lost my money
    Some of the Croupiers didn't seem to really want to be there and I would expect the Floor Manager to address this.

    Stateroom (We had 2 X balcony on Desk 8 mid ship)
    Always clean and friendly service. Always check under your beds as we found a full bag of mini bar contents ie. drinks and snacks. I am pretty sure it was a scam played buy the RCI staff to discretely remove goodies for their own consumption. This was plainly obvious as the bar staff individual replenishing the mini bar tried to repeatedly tried to enter the cabin 3-4 times within 30mins on the false pretense that she forgot to check the minibar. Sure enough next time we entered our cabin the bag under the bed was gone. (I guess I would leave this to you to deal with accordingly).

    Dont buy anything apart from Duty Free as a lot of the products go on sale towards the end of the cruise and you might pick up a deal....

    Teen Clubs
    What can I say kids weren't seen for most of the days and evenings. I think that means that they were having a good time...

    Any just turned 18 year olds will find it difficult as RCI have strict polices with age restrictions when entering the Teen Night Club and recreational areas i.e the 'Living Room'.
    Being 18 does have its benefits but, for this cruise it did place these individuals in no mans land as they were too old for the teen areas (15-17) and too young in some cases for us more mature guests. But rules are rules.

    Gym was great but did get busy. The Sauna an Steam rooms were clean but teens were messing around pouring buckets of water on the coals (for a laugh). In addition they seem to think it was an ideal place to eat ice creams! None of the RCI staff wanted to address this when I raised it to them.

    Again smooth process.
    Not sure if you are aware but you can (if you are able) to carry your bags off the ship as soon as you are allowed to i.e. you dont leave your cases out the night before for transfer to terminal. Obviously this does not apply to guests with transfers.

    We had a fantastic time. I would really advise guests to try and get out on their own at the port of call as you will save lots of cash. Staff were generally good and always tried to help if there was anything you needed. Ship was kept clean as we observed people continually cleaning, polishing, vacuuming etc..
    There were a number of children running around unsupervised and playing in the lifts. Also after room service certain individuals thought it was a good laugh to kick the trays over in the corridor after guests had placed them outside to be collected.
    I think personally if RCI were able to control some of issues I have raised it would make the cruise more memorable on the positives.
    i hope this helps....


    Hi Vijay can I suggest you post this in the Review Section.

    You will also receive a free Fodors Cruise Guide...........Wilba



      Hi Wilba
      Sorry - I have posted the review on the link you sent.



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