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freedom or liberty !!!

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    freedom or liberty !!!

    Hi can someone please say if there is any difference in these two ships. I know about itinarys, but have seen so many reviews saying liberty is so good and not as many about freedom. Why !!!. thanks

    Freedom (2006), Liberty (07) and Independence (08) are all identical ships ('Freedom' class) apart from some minor aspects, including decor. RCI's product tends to be pretty consistent across their fleet, so I would suggest it does not matter which of these three that you choose.

    It is worth noting that the on-board atmosphere on Independance sailing from the UK with mostly British guests, is likely to be a little different from an American port, with the majority of the guests being American. RCI do adapt their product a little depending on the clientele.

    RCI have other classes of ship which are smaller than the 'Freedom' class and two ships that are much bigger. Physically these would provide a different environment to the 'Freedom' class, although RCI try and make the on-board experience (food and service for example) similar across the fleet.
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      We are just back from Liberty 7 night Western Med-it was fantastic!
      Any questions feel free to ask away....


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