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Indy and Johney Rockets.

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    Indy and Johney Rockets.

    Hi all,does anyone know if Johney Rockets on Indy is free for a breakfast....??
    We had a great breaky on the Oasis last year in Johney Rockets and I have trawled the site to see if any one has asked this Q before but have not found anything .sorry IF it IS on here but this is a huge site..
    some call me Mrs Early Bird......:p

    oooo and I guess we want a badge too.
    Adventure Oct 2011,Indy Feb 2012. Allure Aug 2012.

    Just came back from Indy.
    As far as i know it is not open for breakfast.

    And we were also disappointed when we went for dinner. We promised the kids..
    The onion rings looked as though they had been around a long time, and also the chips.
    The waiter did not replenish them without asking. The quantity supplied for 4 of us was they same for another couple nearby.
    My boys would not eat the hotdog as it was a lot different to the uk and USA, looked kind of undercooked but I guess it wasn't.
    We had to wait nearly an hour for the dancing waiters, it was not twice an hour.
    Luckily service was slow so passed the time.

    The boys liked the milkshakes though.
    Think they were around usd5.25 each.

    The burgers were very greasy unlike say tgi Friday's at home.

    Sorry, but I was expecting tgi standards at least.


      I have never been on a RCI ship where JR's was open for breakfast, nor have I ever seen a menu in JR's that even approaches breakfast fare.........Wilba


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