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Internal flight problems with RCI

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    Internal flight problems with RCI

    It's 10 months today until we go and I was under the impression that we could have booked our internal flights today. RCI directed me to cruise.co.uk who confirmed that we were booked on a flight to LGW with a coach to STN. After saying I was not happy with this they called RCI back and were told that this was only provisional and when the FLYBE flights were released in autumn then we could change them over. I've now actually checked the FLYBE site and they are actually available to book! When I called the TA back he spent 40 mins on phone to RCI and was told that until the flights become available to them on their system "Amadeus" then they cannot be booked. I find this bizarre. Surely if the flights are open to the general public to book then RCI should be able to book them too! It's now apparently up to the TA to monitor this system and as soon as they are released then they have to contact RCI and secure them for us. I think this is a really unsatisfactory system to be operating and am now sceptical as to whether we will actually be booked on them at all. Very disappointing.


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