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Day Six Heritage Park And Calgary Tower.

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    Day Six Heritage Park And Calgary Tower.

    Day Six Heritage Park and Calgary Tower

    Today was another late start. After breakfast we picked up the coach outside the hotel at 9.30am. If I'm honest I was not sure what today would bring but, it turned out to be a lot better than expected. Today the Calgary tourist board were hosting us and took us to Heritage park. For those who are not sure what this is, it's basically a handful of villages that are set up in different era's of times passed in Canada's history.

    On arrival we were all given a white Cowboy hats that we had to wear but, we could also keep. The first attraction was Gasoline Alley. Here they had very, very old petrol pumps and various other automobile related memorabilia. The main attraction here however was the cars. They had various very old cars restored and in full working order from the early 1900's. They are in that good condition, most of them could be passed off as new.

    Next a very old fashioned bus picked us up and took us to a fully working late 1800's early 1900's village. This really was amazing. It looked like something out of the old west. There were Saloons, banks, shops etc most of which were all original buildings located to this area. Along with the above all the staff were dressed in clothing from the era. We were shown around and allowed to look inside each unique building to see what life was like over a hundred years ago. Next to this village was a huge reservoir on which they had a paddle boat steamer, which really was a great sight to see.

    After a good look around this area it was time to move on. We walked to an old Pacific Western railway station where we caught a steam train to the next village. The next place was a First Nation village. The First Nation people are basically the people who are native to this land. Here we were incredibly lucky as we had to help four First Nation women build a wigwam. This was a lot of fun, surprisingly it didn't take long at all and once completed we could sit inside and learn more about these amazing people.

    Back on the bus we then travelled to an early 1900's amusement park. Here we took rides on the Ferris Wheel, Chair swings and a ride called the Caterpillar that spun around and around. After all the excitement we headed off to the Calgary shopping mall but, I'm sure you don't want to hear about that.

    Our final stop of the day was at the Calgary tower. The building essentially looks like a giant lolly pop. It costs 16 Canadian dollars to enter. You travel to the top of the tower via elevator. At the top the panoramic views over Calgary are excellent. To be honest you only really need 5-10 minutes up there. I have been spoiled over the past few days with views, this was good, but not as good as the rest. There is also a revolving restaurant if you want a bite to eat with a difference.

    So there you have it. My six day Canadian trip is almost over as I am flying home tomorrow. I feel so so lucky yo have experienced this all. Everything has been absolutely incredible. This trip is something I feel everyone must do. From start to finish everything has been so varied, interesting and beautiful. I have taken close to 1000 photos and videos that I will share on my return. The Rocky Mountaineer experience has been nothing short of excellent. Il be back manning the fort on Tuesday so if you have any questions please, please let me know. Until then I just want to say a massive thank you to Craig and Rocky Mountaineer for having me.

    Finally for everyone that has read my blog and/ or replied let me say a massive thank you.
    Please call me on 0800 408 6079 or email me at dyland@cruise.co.uk

    Why not visit my cruise blog and learn a little bit more about me!


    Thanks for writing them Dylan all have been enjoyable to read...Taffy


      It has sounded amazing.

      Can you do this and then do a cruise to finish off, that would be fantastic......................................... ..Carol


        Thanks for all your blogs Dylan, it has been very enjoyable reading them. You've visited a spectacular part of Canada and for anyone else considering it I would suggest also including south of Vancouver, ie heading into the state of Washington. There are some worthwhile visiting areas between there and Seattle .....including some nice wineries.

        Safe trip home and hope you're not jet lagged on Tuesday!


          It has sounded amazing.

          Can you do this and then do a cruise to finish off, that would be fantastic......................................... ..Carol


          Friends of ours did a very similar tour, they visited The Columbian Ice Fields, Vancouver, did the Rocky Mountaineer train ride, including a trip to Banff, and finished it off with an Alaska cruise on the cruise ship Zuiderdam, this was a package they put together with the aid of T/A consultant.

          Alaskan Cruise May 2010 - a set on Flickr

          Photo Albums





            Thank you Delboy, the pictures are lovely. I need to start saving............................................ ......................Carol


              Thanks for a terrific review. This journey is now on my bucket list...


                There are package trips starting at Calgary ,touring B.C. and doing all that Dylan did and then a Rocky Mountaineer ride ending at Vancouver and then having a cruise up the inside passage to a few glaciers and back! Hopefully in good weather!!
                Did all that a few years back (including a category 3 white water rafting session)


                  No over far to so soon, so glad you enjoyed it - we did too!
                  Lancashire Cunarder


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