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Day Two........What a day!

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    Day Two........What a day!

    Day Two

    Well where can I start. I woke up early this morning in Vancouver and after packing my bags took a short trip to the Rocky Mountaineer train station that they own and have sole use of. I can only describe what happened next as heart warming.

    The train today is the last of the season to Calgary. As a special surprise ( not for our group) but in general Rocky Mountaineer had put on what they call a train for hero's. Here they invited wounded service men and patrons of military charities ( Help for Hero's and Canadian / Australian /American equivalents) to join the train and have a Hero's send off they deserve.

    The amount of people at the station was phenomenal. All nationalities turned up to wave off the brave solders. About ten minutes after we arrived the service men and their families turned up, but before they pulled in to the station they were preceded by a Motorcycle Convoy arranged by the Vancouver police chief. At the entrance to the station the red carpet was rolled out, either side lined with rows of people waving flags, cheering and clapping. The Canadian Mounted police, followed by a military bag pipe player lead the soldiers through the crowed station to a platform where they were introduced and applauded. The atmosphere was incredible and seeing that many people routing for the Hero's really was emotional and made you incredibly proud of our armed forces and these very brave individuals. I feel very very lucky to have witnessed this.

    After all of the emotion it was time to board the train. Today we were in Silver Leaf and travelling from Vancouver to Kamloops. As soon as I walked into the cabin the first thing I noticed was how wide and roomy the carriages really are. There is plenty of room to swing a cat, two even and the windows are very large and open. Just before we left we saw a hyena running down the track. Next on the agenda was breakfast. In Silver Leaf this is served at your seat. The table comes down from the seat in front of you plane style but, that is we're the similarities end. Think world traveller plus seats but more room.

    The breakfast on board was brilliant, first coffee, then jam cinnamon scones, then fruit salad , finally finished off with Canadian bacon, eggs and potatoes. The standard is very very high and would not be out of place in a high end hotel. Lunch was equally as impressive with a choice of main course. Followed by desert. The staff on the train were informative, interesting and also very funny. I can honestly say that so far this has been a very, very impressive start.

    Now the scenery. To say picturesque is an understatement. Like a dog sticking his head out of a car window, in between the carriages you take in the fresh air and see all Canada has to offer. The mountains, lakes and wildlife are absolutely spectacular. It is only my second day but already I am completely sold.

    Tonight I am out for a quiet meal then tomorrow it's onto the train again for Gold Leaf. I can't wait!
    Please call me on 0800 408 6079 or email me at dyland@cruise.co.uk

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    Oh wow, how wonderful. I'm off to work, so enjoy your day............................................... ........Carol


      Sounds like a day to remember .
      The Train journey is something I would really enjoy..Taffy


        A great experience lifts your heart to read about the special attention given to the forces doesn't it, ? this sounds a wonderful adventure I look forward to the next instalment. CG


          Originally posted by cornish girl, falmouth View Post
          A great experience lifts your heart to read about the special attention given to the forces doesn't it, ? this sounds a wonderful adventure I look forward to the next instalment. CG
          CG, the Americans and Canadians know how to treat their armed forces.

          They are fêted just about everywhere, Disney etc in particular!

          To see roads, over head bridges...all routes lined à la Royal Wootten Bassett for homecoming troops...what an emotional sight and I can imagine how moving it was for Dylan.

          Dylan, an in-depth review of the seats in GoldLeaf would be appreciated.


            Wow that send off sounds amazing.

            Your journey will just get better and better, we did this a few years ago although not on the Rocky Mountaineer, we hired a car and drove through the Rockies but followed the same route ...amazing doesn't begin to describe it.


              That's a wonderful start Dylan to your rail journey. Like Dancing Queen we hired a minivan for four of us and slowly made our way from Seattle via Vancouver up into the Rockies. We had a couple of days break in Whistler and from a viewpoint there saw across the lake one of these spectacular trains. Some more stops following CN1 en route to Lake Louise and finally Banff....check out their Fairmont hotels. As they say across the pond...awesome!

              A link to Rocky Mountaineer train Service Levels...with some videos.

              Canadian Passenger Trains - Service Levels - Rocky Mountaineer


                It is indeed so nice to hear how both America and Canada treat their military and on reading this excellent thread my mind went instantly back to this embarrassing situation click


                  What a wonderful tribute and the train journey sounds fab too!
                  Lancashire Cunarder


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