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Day one of my Canadian adventure.

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    Day one of my Canadian adventure.

    Day one!

    So after a 9 hour flight and very little sleep I have arrived in Vancouver. My rocky mountaineer train journey begins tomorrow and to say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement.

    I flew from Gatwick on Air Transat which to be fair are a a whole lot better than expected. The in flight entertainment was actually the best I have experienced. The seat pitch wasn't bad at all.

    This afternoon I have been into Downtown Vancouver. I caught the sky train, with trains running on time every 5 minutes puts British transport to shame. Also 10 bucks return is not a massive price to pay.

    Vancouver is a incredibly clean city, it is a mixture of colonial buildings and sky scrapers. The cities tight epicentre merges with the port seamlessly, as such you can walk from one to the other without realising it. After a good wonder, I sat down at the port had a Canadian larger and watched the world go by.

    So the fun starts tomorrow now......... Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!
    Please call me on 0800 408 6079 or email me at dyland@cruise.co.uk

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    You can look forward to some spectacular scenery on your trip Dylan. If you do have time to visit Stanley Park, don't forget your camera, if only to take some shots of the colourful Totem poles there and the wonderful views of the city. Hope the weather is good for you.


      It sounds fantastic, Canada is on my 'to do list' (which is rather long) looking forward to hearing more from you......................Carol


        looking forward to reading your blogs as like Carol it is on my very long bucket list. also looking forward to seeing some photos or your journey.
        don't want to work, just want to cruise.


          Wish I was there, enjoy and looking forward to your next update!
          Lancashire Cunarder


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