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1st Timer - Are you allowed to take drinks/food on board?

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    1st Timer - Are you allowed to take drinks/food on board?

    Hi All,

    Myself and family are on the 24th July crossing (as name suggests, we are 1st time cruisers).

    I have a question to ask from anyone who has been before:

    1) Are we allowed to take soft drinks onboard with us such as cans of pop etc & orange juice etc + are you allowed to take confectionary products etc?


    Soft drinks and confectioary --would be allowed !!


      Why would you want to take food onboard a cruise ship because as you are about to find out, food is generally available 24/7 in unlimited quantities.


        Food and drink is available 24/7. You can help yourself to tea. coffee, hot chocolate and water from the buffet areas. At breakfast time there will be juices such as orange/apple/pineapple. At lunch there will also be juices/fruit punch - you can go and help yourself as many times as you want.

        There will be so much food available there will be no need for extras like sweets and chocolate. There will be a mouthwatering display of cakes, pastries and big american cookies - all there for the taking.


          Thanks for replies, wasn't planning on taking loads of stuff, just a carton or two of orange juice for the rooms fridge etc to save having to go out for it all the time etc.


            I am sailing on the Grand Princess in August and flying over from Rome where I live, I'm British and will be staying in Southampton the day before we sail. I wondered if I did some British food shopping in Tesco's (marmite, custard, golden syrup, jellies etc. etc. etc.) which I can't get in Italy, would I be able to take these in my case on board.
            That's a tough one isn't it?!


              I can not see a problem -----unless you try to take it off at restricted ports !! Make sure you keep them sealed !!
              regards Flora x


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