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Sapphire Princess

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    Hi All
    We have been on Crown Princess and the whole experience was excellent, a lovely ship and if Sapphire is half as good you'll enjoy yourselves immensely.
    Wish we could be with you but it's a bit to close to another holiday we already have booked.


      Originally posted by History Addict, Alfreton View Post
      Sorry to hear that, Mrs M. I'm not a fan of P & O and have only been travelling with them over the years as they do a lot of short cruises from the UK. I'm so chuffed that I've been rewarded for suffering all that P & O food!
      Crikey, I think I'll stick with my book if ''suffering'' was involved in getting any kind of decent status.


        Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
        I'm def. at the back of the queue, boarding wise.

        I'll take a good book to read in the embarkation hall.
        I thought I would be the same for us because our P & O status isn't carried across to Princess. However, my boarding pass still permits us to board at 12.30pm if I want to.


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