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Princess new promo "3 for free" bookings 1st May-2 June selected sailings

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    Princess new promo "3 for free" bookings 1st May-2 June selected sailings

    3 FOR FREE

    Let your senses sway you and join us in discovering just how good free feels. You’ll love the thrill of exploring new lands and cultures with your free shore excursion, sipping your free bottle of wine as the sun sets, and sampling fine cuisine with your free dining experience. To take advantage of our 3 for free offer, simply pick your next Princess adventure and book before 2 July 2018.

    With over 600 voyages to choose from, it’s never been easier to feel free.
    Applies to pax 1-2
    One Speciality dining for 2 assigned by the ship(should be some flexibility)
    bottle of wine in cabin PP
    Shore ex credit $100pp for cruises of 7 to 13 night and $200pp for cruises of 14+ night duration

    Is the 6 Oct included in that?


      Originally posted by Bradbury, Coventry View Post
      Is the 6 Oct included in that?
      No it does not, and looking at the prices of those cruises on the offer I don't think they are giving much away. Surprise Surprise.................Wilba


        Princess seem to price high and reduce closer to sailing if they have too


          I think when any cruise line say there is something for free, they have just added it into the main price and told you it is free. Actually you are just paying for everything in the price upfront.

          When Royal Caribbean tried this one, saying it was all inclusive, their main price went up considerably, so they were just charging for everything in with the price. Whilst those that don't drink much would greatly lose out, those that can drink themselves under the table, would just about break even, so it was no great deal.

          CMV often run promotions of buy one get one free, which just means they have just made the first price vastly inflated, so they can say the second one if free. However, if you look at the first price and half it, you are just about paying the normal price for a cruise for 2.
          Last edited by lucy, sutton; 1st May 2018, 07:15 PM.


            Beware Greeks bearing gifts and beware cruise lines giving anything for free.


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