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Wilba's Christmas Cracker. The Final Chapter

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    Originally posted by Jocap, Cumbria View Post
    I was showing G the iguana, and couldn't pronounce Curacao, which he thought was hilarious....how do you say it, anyone?
    Kew-rah-so ( according to Collins dictionary) with the accent on the first syllable, though i do like the cure-ass-o version better albeit it gives it a slightly different pronounciation

    If I can't be SKIING then CRUISING is the next best thing


      Just finished reading the last of your blog Wilba,i must say Oistins sounds great,Welcome home to you both. Jan.


        Just found the pic of the iguana via a link from somewhere else - that's just gorgeous!!!!!

        If that had been me I'd still be there now; I simply love the things, but have never seen one so close ...



          Hi Wilba
          I have just read all of your Ventura blogs. We would have been on your cruise if my husband had not had a stroke in Sept 2012, as we always go on the Ventura or Azura the same two weeks every year. The weather is usually very hot with an odd shower. I was with you all the way and enjoyed reading where you went on the islands. St. Martin and Barbados are my favourites. You are right the beach near the boatyard in Barbados is what you would expect a sandy Caribbean Beach to be like. A few years' ago we stayed at the Rocklea Hotel for a week but their beach area was made of shingle. By the way the England Cricket team were staying there and we had a chat to them (they didn't win). Glad you had a good time and I loved your photos - happy memories. Thanks again for all your information. LINDA
          Greenaway, Cheshire


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