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P&O Covid Measures

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    My husband , mother in law and I have just come back from a week at a Warners Hotel Social distancing, mask wearing at all times apart from in your own room and when sitting down to eat or drink was fully observed. Sanitiser stations were absolutely everywhere. The one way system wasn't quite as successful but as there was only two thirds capacity that wasn't as crucial. All the entertainment went ahead with the proviso of no joining in, either by singing or dancing (although the singing bit fell by the wayside a couple of times)! We've had to cancel or move three cruises this year so were desperate for a holiday and regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed it despite the restrictions, especially as my father in law died from Covid-19 in April and this was my mother in law's first holiday without him in 70 years. We wanted it to be a good one for her - and it was.
    We have two cruises booked for next year , in May and November and hopefully they will both go ahead. Regardless of the protocols on board, as we discovered at Warners, it is possible to enjoy yourselves - it's just having to adapt to very different conditions than normal.


      Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post

      This is from Alpha coaches terms and conditions.

      “Wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth whilst travelling on our coaches and at the hotels. In line with Government guidance, face coverings must fit securely around your nose and mouth. These can be reusable or single-use face coverings, or you may also use a scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering but these must securely fit round the side of the face. As such the use of visors on their own are not acceptable under the latest government guidance”
      That's interesting Del. Has the government rules changed recently or is our local company not complying with them?

      I will say that the coach was only half full and everyone was well spaced out.


        Sounds good to me; obviously taking everyone’s health seriously


          Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post

          A lot of the itinerary will change enough to trigger refunds.

          A quick look at P&O for early next year(Feb-April) there are 59 cruises on the list(some are variations of the same trip)

          Cant see Azura or Britannia doing the Caribbean so that knocks off the repos as well

          That's 29 gone or replaced with something else.

          Going south/Med cruises 19 trips may have a chance but not everywhere is open so they will have to change.

          Norway & the Canaries still very iffy, there are 9 of those

          Feb-April 59 cruises down to 29 in less than a week and they have not filled the gaps with anything yet.

          10 of those left are Azrua from Malta in April , really only 5 7n and 5 B2B 14nights

          The 4 of 5 left in March need confidence that longer cruise are worth the risk la being 12-14 days


            We cancelled our 5 April cruise on Aurora and re-booked the following year [on Arcadia-as no equivalent cruise to our original with Aurora] -would have preferred Aurora but will make the most of things no doubt. If the situation going ashore hasn't changed back to the former ways by 2022 then we will give up cruising.


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