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P&O Iona Chefs Table

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    P&O Iona Chefs Table

    This was posted on Facebook by somebody who’s cruise on Iona so far has not been cancelled.
    The introduction of Chefs Table for Black Tie formal nights.

    I was taking a look at the Cruise Personsliser today for our 31st October cruise and noticed for the first time a new Dining Experience on Black Tie nights, The Chefs Table. It's also included in the fare!

    This is the description they've given:

    "Gala Evenings are always a firm highlight of a P&O Cruises holiday. And on board Iona, there’s a new way to enjoy all that black-tie gourmet glamour: at The Chef’s Table. In a dedicated area of the Horizon restaurant (suitably styled for the occasion), you’ll be served an exclusive menu; a culinary collaboration from three of our illustrious Food Heroes in one extraordinary meal.

    By choosing The Chef’s Table on board Iona, you can feast on creations by Marco Pierre White and Eric Lanlard, with wines expertly paired by Olly Smith to accompany each course.

    Like the traditional Gala Dinner, The Chef’s Table is included in the price of your holiday. Ready for more good news? You can book The Chef’s Table ahead of your cruise, reserving your preferred table size and dining time. We’ll need to take your card details to secure your booking, but you won’t be charged a penny for this special experience."

    I've attached the sample menu, is this new the menu looks very similar to a normal formal night menu.


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    As you say Delboy ,it looks like a formal night dinner menu.
    Many lines have a Chef's table for a hefty premium and it's a more sumptuous affair .
    TBH,Its never especially appealed to me , as I am rarely unhappy with the range of choice on the normal menu.
    Plus,I've been to a couple of land based restaurants where the Chef has been wheeled out and they've tried to almost force glowing tributes out of you.I've given glowing tributes in the past,but I prefer them to be spontaneous not manufactured.


      Horizon is the buffet.

      Formal night the buffets get used even less than normal probably an attempt to get people out of the MD


        I think it’s to try and spread people about on formal night as these can be the busied nights in MDR.
        don't want to work, just want to cruise.


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