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P&O Drinks Package rolling out Sep 30.

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    Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
    Hi Annie.
    A Azura cruise on 30th September to the Med,,,,,12nts,,,Balcony=£3400.

    My Celebrity Eclipse cruise a few days later,,,,12nts in the Med..Balcony=£3100,,,,with a Drink Package,,,even adding the flights to Barca it doesn't come up to the P&O price.

    Yes,a bargain!!!
    Mind you i'm not even looking at Celebrity Edge.
    Hi JC

    I was referring to the general trend of Celebrity prices.

    I bagged a Celebrity bargain this year but it was long haul and a late booking.
    I generally don't cruise the Med. I cruise for itinerary and I prefer smaller vessels on non-UK cruise lines.

    I have nothing booked for next year.

    I can wait.



      Originally posted by carol, welwyn garden city View Post
      I wonder why/how some Companies ie Fred Olsen and MSC offer extremely good value for money packages, and then some like RCI and Celebrity and now P&O charge an awful lot more for one??............................................. ...........Carol
      Part of it will be market driven, US drink prices are high in more upmarket hotels and bars, ship prices are in line with those, UK prices have tended to be more reasonable but are closer to US prices now exchange rate not helping.

      P&O package is mid range pricing so OK even with lower individual prices it is not that many beverages.

      All in cabin is the problem where there is only one drinker.

      When there are no solo sups that issue can be solved with 2 cabins.


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