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P&O GTY upgrade.

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    P&O GTY upgrade.

    Hi all
    I booked a P&O Ventura cruise to the Fjords for next month a few days ago.

    I wanted a balcony and as it was only a last minute filler and didn't want to pay the price for the better ones,,,the cheapest grade (HF) was only on Guarantee basis,,,,so i took that on the Select booking,,,,got a good deal from Holly at Cruise.plus the OBC meant the price was only a few pounds above the Saver price,,,,,worth it to me for the freedom dining.

    I was surprised to receive my assigned cabin # this morning showing a Mid ship balcony on A deck which according to todays price is a HB cabin.

    I paid £2000 for a guaranteed HF balcony and got a HB balcony which at this mornings price is £2980.
    Still not cheap,but i need a cruise.
    Only one deck below the HF grade cabins,but midships rather than fore or aft,,,,and no overhang,,,,,do you think booking Select made a difference?

    The only other upgrade i have ever had was on Aurora and they put us in that cabin next to the plinking plonking Piano Suite.

    What was your best upgrades?
    C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
    "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

    I'm jealous. I love the Fjords!

    P&O do say that booking Select gives you priority for upgrades, so who knows! I suppose you were ahead in line of those who booked the Saver fare!

    I've never had an upgrade sadly... maybe one day I'll get lucky!
    Duncan S

    See my blog!


      My best upgrade was last Christmas on Costa.

      Paid £300 for an inside GTY on a 7 nighter out of Venice and received a mid ship balcony on deck 9.

      I had only cruised with Costa on two previous occasions, both in inside GTY cabins.

      Having had numerous balcony cabins on a cruise only basis I have never got close to paying four figures and I'm not talking GTY neither.........Wilba


        We have only ever had one upgrade and that was from a forward cabin on a lowish deck to a midships cabin on A deck on Oriana.

        Our cabin was immediately below the pool deck and late into the night they were scraping and dragging sun loungers, etc. around above us and early in the morning they were scraping and dragging them back again. A lot of heavy doors or something banging also.

        Yes it was an upgrade to a midships cabin but to A deck which I guess was not too popular on Oriana. A deck on Ventura looks fine.

        We now always say no upgrade.


          I booked a gty balcony cabin with Royal Caribbean to the Fjords on the Brilliance and was assigned their top grade of balcony cabin midship.

          Those were the days when solos could book gty cabins

          Enjoy your cruise JC.



            I hope you have a Great time JC, to be honest i am sitting shaking my head with OBC, HF. HB. But i hope to crack the code soon. I am still learning i guess.


              Originally posted by deverdevo, liverpool View Post
              I hope you have a Great time JC, to be honest i am sitting shaking my head with OBC, HF. HB. But i hope to crack the code soon. I am still learning i guess.
              Hi Deverdevo

              You are not alone and I have been ocean cruising for 8 years.

              I have never sailed P&O and their references to cabin grades are gobbledygook to me.



                I have no idea what the cabin grades are, I either book select if I want a guaranteed cabin at the back, or if I'm not worried just go with the saver. Never had a cabin I particularly disliked, but no idea if I had an up grade or not!............................................Ca rol


                  Celebrity Gaurantee fare Balcony. All three of us got Sunset view balconies - the highest grade available. Not bad considering we could have ended up with the ones obstructed view with lifeboats at the balcony.


                    I booked a guarantee inside cabin on Legend of the Seas in 2017, and so did a friend. We were both allocated superior inside cabins. I do count that as an upgrade.

                    I got an upgrade at the Barbican a couple of weeks ago, as well. I booked an upper circle seat for a Sunday matinee and when I went in I was asked if I wanted an upgrade. I got dead centre in the stalls - a great seat. It's obviously better for the performers to have the stalls filled up.
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                      Hi all.

                      The prices shown include all passengers in the cabin.

                      BalconyFrom £2,798.00(Superior Deluxe Balcony Not available) Choose the location of your cabin

                      Balcony£3,064.00 (Deck R,A,B,C)
                      Balcony£3,010.00 (Deck L,R)
                      Balcony£2,930.00 (Deck A,B,C,D)
                      Balcony£2,904.00 (Deck R,A,B,C,E)
                      Balcony£2,798.00 (Deck L,R)

                      Grades and prices as of 15:40,,,,,,although the £2000 i paid isn't cheap,,,,its a lot cheaper than now.
                      Even the HF grade which i booked as a guarantee has gone up £700 in a few days.

                      And these are only Standard Balconies,,,,the Deluxe Balconies are sold out,,,as are the Insides and Oceanview.

                      A popular cruise?.....Are the Rolling Stones a surprise guest artist.
                      C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
                      "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


                        I don't think I have ever had an upgrade with P & O, despite having cruised with them a lot over the years. I've had some great and some poor upgrades from other lines, though :

                        Celebrity Eclipse - twice I've booked obstructed balcony cabins (I think 2c grade, which isn't a total obstruction) and been upgraded to 1a balcony cabins which have huge balconies on the hump.

                        Fred Olsen - got upgraded from a perfectly fine outside cabin with great view to an obstructed balcony with a total obstruction of a lifeboat meaning no view whatsoever. Technically an upgrade but it didn't feel like it.

                        I have also on many occasions paid for upgrades once I've embarked. This can be a great way of getting a better cabin at a bargain price but you run the risk of none being available so I would never rely on it.
                        Cruising my way through life!



                          I booked a deluxe balcony for next April midships decks above and below a few weeks ago ideal for all us and the venues, for the first time I refused to be put down for an upgrade as I have heard so many tales of passengers being disappointed and would have been better of staying where they first booked. CG


                            About 5 years ago we booked the cheapest inside cabin on Azura at fairly last minute for a 12 day cruise. Just before departure got a free upgrade to a top grade balcony. Certainly the cheapest balcony we have ever had !!


                              Hi JC

                              Good to see that champagne socialism is alive and well :-)

                              Have a great trip regardless of the alphabetic combination!



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