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P&O Drink Package

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  • dst87, Falkirk
    I was just looking at a P&O cruise earlier today.

    Interesting about the drinks package. Limit of 15 alcoholic drinks per day with a maximum price of £6.95 per drink. I have two questions.

    1) £6.95 seems very low. Does that really include 'almost everything'. What's excluded?. I'd pay more than that for a nice cocktail in a city.

    2) Does the 15 drink limit only apply to alcoholic drinks. i.e. can you still get fresh juices and speciality coffee and have this not count towards your 15 drink limit?

    It's certainly an interesting approach, but feels restrictive compared to other cruise lines. Do they worry that their passengers won't drink responsibly?

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  • carol, welwyn garden city
    Apparently it is being trialled on Azura first, and will probably then be rolled out to the rest of the fleet. P&O's drinks are pretty competitive, so the package would have to represent very good value! ...........................................Carol

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  • andyn, Bucks
    Yay, that's going to save me a few quid

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  • Garfield, Waterlooville
    Hi jc
    15 drinks max per day..will that be enough?
    No good for me...both people in cabin must purchase so in my case cheaper to pay as I go unless we can mix and match packages.
    Last edited by Garfield, Waterlooville; 12th July 2018, 09:31 PM.

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