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NCL cancellation promotions

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    NCL cancellation promotions

    Just in case anybody has had a cruise cancelled by NCL they have a combination of promotions until 14 April.

    All cancellations have an automatic 125% FCC. (or an eventual 100% cash refund). Note the 100% is as a standard FCC and the 25% is as a discount from the cruise price - whatever that means.

    All cruises currently offer 30% off, Free at Sea package (Drinks and Dining) and OBC - extended to 14 April.

    Again until 14 April there is also a further 20% automatic discount for cancellation passengers. (Enter your Latitudes number and go through preliminary booking process to see your new price.)

    Complicated I know but we have just committed ours and from a 7 day Epic cruise in May this year in a guarantee inside we now have a Greek Island cruise next May in a selected balcony for a very small cash balance - we wanted to use all the FCC.

    They also have some good prices (IMHO) for late 2020/Q1 2021 on the Spirit (Barcelona to Canaries or around the Adriatic/Greek Islands. Transatlantics are also keenly priced (with drinks and dining.

    Note though NCL have reverted now to charging quite a high (compulsory?) service charge


    Tony B

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