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MSC Yacht Club drinks

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    MSC Yacht Club drinks

    I have just been having a look at a few details for our cruise on Monday. Last time were in YC drinks were only included within that area, now it includes all the ship. I cant seem to find out if there are any restrictions on which drinks you can have Does anyone know please? MSC website just says unlimited drinks.

    I can give you this reply.

    We were having a pre dinner drink one night, non YC bar, on our Splendida cruise earlier this year, having asked for our drinks, a glass of red and white, the lady came back with our drinks.

    " I have brought you the good stuff as you are in the Yacht Club"

    You get the equivalent of the unlimited package anywhere



      Thank you. I will look forward to it. I have developed a liking for pink gin even though I don't normally like gin. Hope they have some on board.


        Just to confirm Haworth's reply, you get the equivalent of the All inclusive drinks around the ship. In YC you also get most of the premium drinks, there is a price list of the non-included super premium drinks.

        I think I saw Gordon's new pink gin in the normal bars on Seaview, but can't tell you whether it is in the standard package as I am a whiskey man.


        Tony B


          Thank you. I will look out for the pink gin. Maybe our butler could find some for us. Not sure we will be using him for much.


            Yacht Club entitles you to the deluxe all inclusive package around the ship - so on the menu's everything with no star or one star is included


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