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DIAMOND is the new BLACK on MSC

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  • Pete, Caerphilly
    started a topic DIAMOND is the new BLACK on MSC

    DIAMOND is the new BLACK on MSC

    Received last night, confirmation of the name change. There had been hopes of a new top tier. but that hasn't happened

    Dear Peter,

    Coming October 20th, the MSC Voyagers Club Black membership level will change to Diamond. With the change of name from Black to Diamond, we want to make more clear the exclusiveness of our top tier.We assure you that with the Diamond membership level: Benefits and points stay the same
    Club card number stays the same
    Program's terms & conditions do not change

    You will receive the new Diamond card substituting the Black card during your next cruise after October 20th.

    In the meantime, you can keep using your current card, as the card number doesn‘t change.

    We look forward to seeing you onboard.

    Yours sincerely,
    MSC Voyagers Club team

  • Lawnmowerman, Tain
    Got ours yesterday - suspect they are clearing the way for a new higher tier. I understand over the years the value of 'Black' diminished.


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  • 1fifthavenue, birmingham
    We've not had ours yet, but our friend Karen from Spain had hers from the Spanish arm of the company early yesterday (you've probably seen the picture on CC Pete)

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  • mike, lanarkshire
    To make it more “exclusive” really ? As the popularity of cruising increases, the benefits are often reducing as more people are reaching the top tiers. E.g. RCi diamond is quite poor compared to Celebrity elite but for how long will they survive.
    Last edited by mike, lanarkshire; 4th October 2019, 12:07 PM.

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  • Haworth, Wokingham
    My wife got hers yesterday, I am still waiting.

    As you say just a name change


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