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Full Circle on QV - The Introduction.

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    Full Circle on QV - The Introduction.

    Took this Image a few months ago. I was waiting at East Cowes to catch the photo as the ships sail by very close heading east out of the Solent. QV let me down it was the last daylight sailing out of Southampton before my winter cruise and I wanted a good pic. The ship set off late, then took over an hour to go along the River Test and to make things more awkward instead of turning left at West Cowes headed West out of the Solent which is rare for a large ship so had to rush the photo using the zoom. The ship looks splendid just looks the part far better than the modern cruising tower blocks.

    We set sail tomorrow around 1800 going on a full 120 day global circumnavigation and back to the starting point on 10th May. We have never sailed Cunard or cruised further than europe and the suez so it's a big adventure. Fingers crossed we escape the four cruisers curses [ Cruiser's Cough, NoroVirus, Cabin Fever & Menieres].

    Subject to speed of internet hope to post about our experience at various stages, a few facts about the stops, & behind the scene info and pictures of QV. With the present security situation I hope Cunard will allow this.

    A few facts
    I am keen on general knowledge especially History and Geography so here are a few facts.

    In 1840 the first P&O passenger vessel sailed into Southampton and marked the start of what was to make Southampton the cruise capital of G.B.

    Cunard did the first world cruise in 1923 or 22 [date varies on different webs]with the ship called Laconia which was 130 days and 22 ports.

    Victoria was also the name of the first ship to make the global circumnavigation in 1519 with the explorer's Magellan [Magellan died in the Philippines on this voyage] & Elcano. In 1577 Drake with the ship Pelican [renamed Golden Hind] was the first circumnavigation in a single voyage.

    I know most on the forum are big QV fans and have a good knowledge of this ship. So here is a history I have gathered of QV for those like myself that are new to QV.

    2002... Cunard decide to build a new ship at 85,000 tons expected completion 2005.

    2004... The original build no longer to be the Queen Victoria but for Arcadia for P&O. Cunard decide to build a new grand ocean liner of the Vista Class [90,000 tons] which would be 11 meters longer, 5,000 tons larger, and with an increased passenger capacity of 2,000. Expected completion 2007 to be built at Fincantieri in Italy at a Cost of £270 million . But with special changes to the design of the standard Vista
    Changes included:
    • Reinforced hull plating on the bow to allow for direct transatlantic crossings.
    • Additional length added to the hull and superstructure to accommodate the Grills Restaurants and Queens Room.
    • Removal of glass lifts from the exterior of the vessels for strengthening purposes, and Inclusion of Cunard funnel design based on QE2's, with scoop and cowling.

    2007... The Queen Victoria handed over to Cunard on 24th November.
    The Duchess of Cornwall named the ship on the 10th December, 2007, the ceremony was spooked by superstition when the champagne bottle failed to break when it hit against the bow. The ceremony also saw the traditional placing of coins on the mast in this case a Euro and a gold Queen Victoria sovereign were welded beneath the radar mast.

    The next day Queen Victoria departed on her Maiden Voyage a ten day cruise to Northern Europe which was sold out before she was completed.

    A month later in January about 80 passengers were struck with Norovirus. [superstition hints at the champagne incident at launch day].

    2007... Queen Victoria had to scrap a Charleston port call in the USA because U.S. Customs and Border Protection were not able to handle the necessary clearance procedures in a timely manner. The large number of foreign nationals and crew who were on board the Queen Victoria, combined with the ship’s relatively brief seven-hour port call. Everyone would have had to clear customs, even if they didn’t leave the ship. That included being photographed and fingerprinted and having all passports checked.

    2008... Queen Victoria sets of on her first World Cruise circumnavigating the globe in 107 days.
    First Accident in May when she hit the pier at the waterfront in Grand Harbour , Valetta, Malta when the thrusters failed as the ship docked minor damage caused to the stern.

    2010... Cunard's first female Captain Inger Klein Olsen takes charge of the Queen Victoria
    Also in 2010 Queen Victoria was warned about being banned from the USA due to an outbreak of Norovirus on board had the ship reached 15% ill, the Norovirus would have been classed as epidemic and the ship barred from docking. This was in the press but it would have to be bad with about 400 cases for this to come into effect.

    2011... After 171 years of being registered in Great Britain Queen Victoria's port of registration was changed from Southampton (UK) to Hamilton (Bermuda). The change saw the name Southampton removed from her stern, and replaced with Hamilton, while lifebuoys and lifeboats were also repainted to reflect the change. to take advantage of the lucrative market for weddings at sea, the ceremonies which are not recognised under British law. Her call sign also changed from GBQV to ZCEF3 as a result of the change.

    Also to note the introduction of the 2010 Equality Act means that ships registered in Britain are required to pay all staff from European Union countries wages equal to those of British citizens.

    2011...While in Russia the MS Rotterdam [HAL] asked for help as their laundry services had a mechanical failure, Always happy to assist the Queen Victoria team arranged to wash and dry 720 kilos of pool towels and stateroom towels while processing the linen change for their own guests.

    2011... Cunard has been voted the best cruise line for 2011 by passengers, with the Queen Victoria named as the 'best ship of the year'.

    The historic British cruise line scooped the award for the third year in a row after thousands of passengers reviewed their trips as part of The Cruise Passenger Ratings Survey on cruise.co.uk.
    Cunard has received the prestigious title for three years in a row, but it is the first year that Queen Victoria has received the best ship accolade.

    2014... The captain of the Queen Victoria was told he faced a hefty fine of $10,000 if he continued to fly the red ensign, the flag of Britain's merchant fleet and was reportedly ordered to take down its British flag when it docked in Buenos Aires.

    2015... Refit
    Cunard has cancelled two sailings on Queen Victoria after announcing the ship would instead be going in for a multimillion-pound refit.
    Nine brand new single staterooms were installed as part of the refurbishment. In addition to refreshing existing furnishings, enhancements have been made to the outdoor spaces, beverage provision in the ship's informal Lido restaurant and eight brand new internet stations have been installed on the upper floor of the library.
    2,000 contractors representing thirty different nationalities worked a total of 600,000 man hours around the clock to replace all 215,278 square feet of carpet in the passenger areas. They also renewed all 3,167 mattresses on board and replaced over 19,685 square feet - 3.75 miles - of pipe work insulation. 2,695 gallons of paint were used inside and out
    2016...I have my first Cunard trip on the Queen Victoria.

    Last of all for today thank you to all the readers that wished me well on this voyage.

    To find out what happens next, click here
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    Fascinating info duetto. Wishing you and your wife the most fantastic trip full of magical memories. I am jealous? You bet I am!! Enjoy!!!!!!! Xx


      Bon Voyage and all the very best................Wilba


        Bon Voyage from me too.
        Looking forward to reading about your journey of a lifetime, on my favourite ship.


          Enjoy your trip of a life time. How are you going to top this one? Judith

          PS the toast should be 'absent friends' and think about us poor souls freezing at home!


            Judith none of our friends and family are into cruising they all prefer city/beach holidays. It is getting colder here too only 11c at the moment. We are setting off a day early to the Southampton WQ Premier Inn so we have a stress free short journey to the City Terminal tomorrow. There is a weather warning in place for Southampton too tomorrow with heavy rain and winds that may well bosh the fireworks and bands of the sailaway. Hoping once passed the Azores the weather will warm.


              Bon voyage, I hope you have a brilliant cruise and hope we get to hear all about it.



                Very best wishes, 'Duetto'. I'm sure you'll have a great time, and sure too we're all looking forward to hearing about it.

                Just out of interest as you say you hadn't cruised Cunard before, did you consider other lines too?


                  Dancourt we too hope we have a brilliant cruise, taxi due in an hour.
                  Last edited by DUETTO, Staines; 9th January 2016, 10:18 AM.


                    We have just sailed on the Queen Elizabeth Xmas and New Year cruise , and at New Year was given a lovely hard backed book . The Story of Cunards 175 years , looks really interesting , look forward to reading it after we catch up with everything ,


                      The only world cruise trips from GB we know of are Cunard, P&O, Saga, and F.O. My views on them as follows.

                      Our first ever sea cruise was with F.O. it was a clapped out ship no heating, loads of rust everywhere, arrived very late at the ports and left extra early, spent very little time in ports as a result. Has many good stops but did feel it would not cope too well with a world cruise.

                      Saga again some very good stops, but a small ship a very expensive outfit too.

                      P&O MM's saga put us right off, plus our two cruises with P&O failed to deliver promised vegan meals.

                      Cunard. Impressed so far before we get there, had one upgrade to a top floor balcony, promised a meeting with head chef to discuss vegan diet for mrs D, given extra $30 OBC by cunard for our wedding anniversary to celebrate with a drink during the cruise. plus readers give such good accounts of Cunard on the forum.
                      Last edited by DUETTO, Staines; 9th January 2016, 10:20 AM.


                        Bon Voyage Duetto.




                          Best wishes for a wonderful voyage - it sounds amazing.

                          Looking forward to hearing about your progress around the world. Will be interested to hear how well they they handle Mrs. D's dietry requirements.


                            I hope you have a wonderful trip. I know how much planning you've done, so bon voyage.


                              I hope you and Mrs Duetto have a memorable voyage, great weather and calm seas. I look forward to any comments you post about the QV as we also will be travelling on her for the first time this year.

                              It'll be a magnificent sight seeing all three Queens sail off tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be there to see them when they all arrive back after their worldies.
                              Last edited by All at sea, Yorks; 9th January 2016, 01:47 PM.


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