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Alcohol: Less for More (changing measures of pours)

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    Originally posted by annie, Glasgow View Post
    Hi Mrs M

    On cc that was the most often cited complaint - 100% sure - of course not.

    However those who complained, stated they stopped drinking in the bars.

    Ah, you were reporting what has been said on another website and you used the word default which means the automatic selection.

    Well as one who has frequently been party in attempts to drink a Cunard bar dry of gin in the past, I can state, your comment is incorrect unless things have changed in the last eight weeks.

    As for stopped drinking in bars, let me see, Victoria holds over 2000 passengers per trip. I can't do the Maths on how many adults that would be per year.

    Let's say twenty people comment on a cruise forum thread and say game's up in the bars [sad]. Add some more who stick to carry on drinks and water [not met any but there will be quite a few who do this]...hmm, I still can't see a huge problem for Cunard.
    Last edited by Mrs M; 29th June 2017, 02:42 PM. Reason: added 'still'


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