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Costa Cruises launches iPhone app

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    Costa Cruises launches iPhone app

    Costa Cruises has launched an iPhone app that is designed to give customers a preview of some of the company's ships.

    The application is available in six languages - English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese - and can be downloaded free from Apple's online store or iTunes, Travel Daily News reports.

    People looking forward to embarking on a voyage with Costa Cruises in future can use the tool to explore all 14 ships in the company's fleet.

    The virtual tours cover onboard facilities including restaurants, swimming pools and bars, as well as some of the cabins and suites that passengers can choose from when booking their cruise.

    In another technological innovation, Costa Cruises has launched two new mobile sites that offer an insight into some of the operator's itineraries in the Mediterranean and Middle East.

    Users can watch videos and access photo galleries relating to the regions and find out more information about popular ports of call such as Dubai.

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