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How Costa deal with mutiny

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    Originally posted by MAGGIEMOU, CYPRUS View Post
    HI JC,
    A long time since we chatted on here but I still read posts. This is an older post I came across it and saw my name in lights. 😄
    You discribed me as a “mutineer” when in fact I was one of many who were called to attend a meeting in the Crows Nest on Arcadia world cruise five years ago.
    The meeting was called by two couples who were world cruise passengers.
    Their compliant and that of around 400 others was not the missing of two ports of call.
    It was about the fact P&O cancelled
    over 40 percent if the world Voyage at the last minute, before departure, and after full payment had been made without any offer to cancel or rebook.
    The almost munity came after further ports were cancellled and no port fees refunded.
    To top it all not even a glass of wine or a sorry was offered. This by the end of three months was the limit that made people annoyed.
    People got peed off with bad service, bad treatment from staff, and the company and even the Captain.
    It was well documented in my book.
    So correction. I did not start a mutiny.I was not the “Mutineer” and the trouble was not about the cancelation of only two ports.
    The outcome from the meeting was that the passengers were adviced by a lawyer who was the spokes person at the meeting , to take it up with P& O
    Many people did this and they set up a website for it. Some people took P&O to Court and won their case against P&O. Including my husband.
    So just putting the facts right to the forum.
    Best Wishes Maggiemou who is still cruising.😄
    Clear breach of package holiday regulation, the failure to offer the right to cancel on major changes.

    ABTA failed the UK passengers big time if they did not back and support any cases


      Hi Maggie
      Nice to hear from you,thanks for putting me straight.
      I used the word 'mutineer,' loosely,not as an instigator but one of the famous 400.

      I remembered your story,and used it,again loosely as part of my defence of passengers being allowed to complain without being thrown of the ship.

      I read elsewhere your comments on your latest escapades/cruises,,,,Enjoy.

      C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
      "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


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