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Costa Concordia helmsman disappears

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    Costa Concordia helmsman disappears

    I was wondering how the Italian trial of this shipwreck incident was going and came across this article by the Telegraph written a month ago which I thought was both interesting yet alarming and I don't recall it appearing on the forum so here it is.

    The Indonesian helmsman of the Costa Concordia fails to turn up for a court hearing in the trial of Capt Francesco Schettino

    Nick Squires in Rome

    6:11AM GMT 12 Mar 2014

    Captain Francesco Schettino of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia Photo: AP

    Italian authorities are searching for the helmsman who was steering the Costa Concordia on the night it smashed into the island of Giglio after he failed to turn up for a court hearing in the trial of Capt Francesco Schettino on Tuesday.

    Jacob Rusli Bin, from Indonesia, was supposed to have given evidence to the court in the Tuscan town of Grosseto but did not appear and could not be traced.

    His evidence is vital for Capt Schettino, who accuses the helmsman of misunderstanding his orders in the moments before the giant cruise liner rammed into rocks off Giglio on the night of Jan 13, 2012.

    The collision prompted a panicked and chaotic evacuation for the ship's 4,200 passengers and crew in which 32 people lost their lives.

    Prosecutors in the trial are now searching for the former helmsman and have contacted Interpol and the Italian embassy in Jakarta, amid reports that he may be living in a village in the countryside outside the city.

    Last July he negotiated a plea bargain in which he received a suspended sentence of 20 months after admitting charges of manslaughter, negligence and causing a shipwreck, in a judicial ruling that was criticised by survivors of the disaster.

    The prosecution wants Rusli Bin to turn up for the next hearing in the trial, scheduled for April 14.

    "A man can't just disappear like that," Capt Schettino, who is on trial for abandoning ship and multiple counts of manslaughter, told reporters in Grosseto.

    "He must have an identity, a credit card, he must be somewhere. He can help establish the truth of what happened."


    Now correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Capt Schettino is under house arrest so why on earth did the Italian judiciary allow a key player such as the helmsman Rusli Bin to leave the country considering the seriousness of the incident?

    For those people who relish in conspiracy theories it would be very beneficial to some of the other parties involved if he did disappear 'permanently' from the scene as I'm sure some charges may become difficult if not impossible to prosecute. What do you think?

    Edit:- Apologies but I see Holly did post a small story about this but I think this one might give a little more info.
    Last edited by trevor432990, East Sussex; 12th April 2014, 06:20 AM.

    Hi Trevor,yes I did post an item some time back,I will try and contact my nan on the spot and see if he has any update,


      OK Jim will look forward to your update.


        Maybe he woke up with a horse's head next to him???!!!!



          It must be an awful situation to be in; making your way up the crew by learning to be a helmsman; having to learn Italian as well as the English which has to be used as an international shipping language; understanding that there's a panic on board from partly heard conversations, and keeping a listening ear out for the next command.
          Easy to understand the desire to become anonymous back home in the safety of your country.
          I thought that the black box had recorded all that anyway....and I read reports of the bridge conversations and commands when it was published.


            The QM Jacob Rust-Bin has been located back home in Indonesia.He will be given the opportunity to attend the trial voluntarily to give evidence,failing which they may have to go and get him.The trial resumes on April 15th.
            In US and UK law he could give evidence from home but not too sure how italian law works,


              Thank you Jim for that...so the trial restarts today.


                Yes and the brave captain has already come out with a ridiculous statement,in a recorded statement with the company tech advisor he suggested that they should say that the collision was caused by the electrical blackout,rather than the other way around,

                Just a little extra on this day in 1912 the Titanic struck the iceberg,


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