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Costa Luminosa - Dubai

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    Costa Luminosa - Dubai

    Hi, we are booked on our first cruise on the Luminosa on 26 December 2009 & I have been reading all of the valuable information that is posted on the site & feel slightly more confident Just a few questions if any one can help.

    Excursions - has any one been on any of the Costa excursions and if so what would you recommend or what should we not miss visiting?

    New Years Eve what tends to happen on board ship?

    Currency - do we need to take currency for each country or would say dollars be acceptable?

    I hope I have not asked too many questions!!!


    Your times in port are rather short for any DIY trips, apart from visiting the local port.

    Tours can be view on the Costa web site and even booked in advance (best)

    Click on Already booked then enter your cruise number and view special services and Excursions.
    This gives you a full discription of all tours for that cruise.

    There is normally a Gala Dinner for NYE, and some good shows and entertainment.

    We used US dollars, but you can get small amounts of local currency on board if you wish. the outlay on ships tours is only for souvenirs and such so you can do without most times.

    Do purchase the X1 package before you go if you like a drink during meals no less than one week before leaving is best. J2 is all inclusive.

    Not done Luminosa yet but did have a quick look around her after Launch, but I'll leave you to decide if you like Costa or not.
    Cruising is like;

    Being in The Garden of Eating


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