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what a rip off

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    Originally posted by Andrew, Letchworth Garden City View Post
    If you will go with Costa!

    And this answers my question how?
    Cruising is like;

    Being in The Garden of Eating


      It's a strange one, charging for breakfast, but perhaps it's going to happen on more ships.
      RCI started it, I believe, with their overnight fee......much outrage at the time, and now it's accepted.
      Yours is the breakfast fee; there will be another line along presently which will only charge for dinner service....
      Slowly, by the back door, everyone will join in.
      I haven't got a recent Berlitz since cruise dot stopped them, but when it came down to tipping for room service, D Ward was adamant- No. It's part of the normal onboard duties that hotel staff are paid to carry out. ( p23, 2010)


        Originally posted by Steve Foster, Plonevez Du Faou,France View Post
        Like many, we have never considered Costa, and never will - even before the Concordia, we would have never considered it.
        Awful ships, many converted ferries etc, passengers that don't understand the word 'queue' (Italians etc!!)
        Cruise on the cheap - Thomsons/Costa/MSC - but we live on the continent so are use to them!!

        The only thing Costa do wll is coffee!!!
        And we drink it on P&O's Arcadia every year!!!
        What a post
        Costa has one small ship that was converted, the rest were built to order, brand new to Costa, at either Fincantieris yard Italy Who also build for Cunard QE etc, or in Helsinki the same as other lines

        Thomsons run converted ferries and ex crashed Costa ships as in THOMSONS Flag ship ex Costa Europa that crashed at Sharm El Sheik

        It is not just the Italians that do not understand Queue, it is Europeans, all of them
        If it is Italians down to their culture, then the rest of the Europeans it must be down to ignorance then

        I am still pro Costa, though due to Tenpins post this is in review

        Why COSTA well to be honest it is down to COST and EXPERIENCES, the ships are like for like with other Lines, as is the service and Itenaries,
        A bonus on Costa for me is it is like a real holiday, where you actually go to a foreign country, where the language is different, the culture is different, Otherwise it would be like a choice between a holiday in Bognor, or a holiday in Nice, I would prefer Nice thank you

        Or I would just stay at home have days out, and spend £200 a night at a good restaraunt May as well if sailing PnO

        I said Costa under review, it is due to apparent hidden costs introduced, so it would be cheaper to go MSC Only their food is not as good both quality and amount of choices ships like all lines are the same

        Chillu chi nun si fa l'affari sua, cc? la linterna va circann? guai:
        He who doesn't mind his own business
        uses his lantern to look for trouble.


          After my main review. The room service meal in the evening was very nice i had a grilled veg sandwich with crisps soup to start ending in a little cake this was for two people total cost €2 the tip i gave was €5 but every other meal was crap we lived mostley on pizza and salad.


            Originally posted by bobbybuoy, peterborough View Post
            Hello Tenpin

            I'm probably stating the obvious but do you think maybe that after recent events they have had to cut the headline price to get the bookings? Presumably they're cutting so much that they have to add it back on elsewhere to 'stay afloat', so to speak.

            I was about to say the same thing. Prices on Costa cruises and for that matter on MSC are very low and I would imagine that it is a way that they can boost the income and profit. All cruise lines have various ways of supplementing and I can only see this as one of many ways.

            Keeping that headline price low is the way they choose to encourage customers to join them so there has to be a price paid somewhere along the line.

            I must admit that Breakfast in Bed has never really appealed to me but I know many enjoy the luxury and as always luxuries cost, I suppose. .....Neil


              With regard to your choice of cruiseline,surely, it's different strokes for different folks!
              Wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same thing.

              I just prefer it if people make comments on cruiselines that they have sailed with and not parrot generalisations that they've picked up from other people.

              I've recently returned from a cruise with MSC and it was perfectly fine, largely because cruise forums had provided me with lots of information and my experience of land-based holidays abroad allowed me to filter them out; in fact, I partly booked the cruise through sheer curiosity because so many people seemed to dislike them.

              We were speaking to some french people on the sail-out from Venice and they actually said that they preferred Costa to MSC but my french wasn't good enough to ask them why.

              It's also fair to say that various cruiselines are offering a cheap fare up-front and loading the "extras" to get their money back and this is where cruise forums are so useful as "forewarned is forearmed". although MSC did offer free cabin service for morning tea/breakfast although I didn't use this personally.


                I think people seem confussed. Breakfast is free on Costa. Or its in the cost of the cruise.

                If you want it in your room and you are paying for a "classic" room, you pay 5 euro to have it delivered. If you are paying for the "premium"...better placed rooms then breakfast in bed is delivered free.
                Nothing wrong with Costa. I personally would never go with P&O because they really are trying to squeeze extra cash without being upfront. Costa say it all on the website.

                There are rogue staff everywhere.......its the staff that makes the company, do we not buy a certain car because a friends one broke down?
                Costa are my choice. Its always been fine. Its always been cheapest. I pay my money...Cortina prices and I dont expect Bugatti style. But I do get better than Cortina........lots better.


                  Just done the Black Sea cruise on Deliziosa, fantastic
                  Took a premium balcony cabin, and the extra cost was the same as a standard cabin paying for breakfast in room
                  So we got premium state room with balcony ie larger, and continental breakfast served in the morning, before we went
                  down to the full silver service breakfast

                  We paid for the all inclusive which has reduced its quality in the past year, as in limited drink choice and no access to the cabin mini bar, which is stupid because in a premium cabin the service charge is free, so instead of taking a night cap on the balcony from the mini bar, you call service and they bring a larger range to you inclusive ?

                  The Costa line is still good but they have cut quite a lot the same as other lines, as in dinner is down to five choices plus three always available courses from seven plus four always available

                  The chocolate bar is no longer available on the all inclusive Unless you are German French or Italian ?
                  Their all inclusive is called extra extra all inclusive same price as ours though, and the cabin card is stamped as such

                  Staff are reduced especially bar staff (that is what you can see) I expect the staff you do not see, laundry, cleaners, and kitchen staff are also reduced where they do the work of the missing staff

                  Although the staff are great and always a smile you sense a sadness amongst them other than being away from home

                  I have served at sea, and there is a difference from being away from home and actual work load put upon you
                  Away from home and the family yes you are sad but it is what you chose to do, working conditions are a different kettle of fish

                  Costa's transfer from airport to ship was an utter disgrace, I will not write it all here but it was a nightmare, we boarded thirty minutes after sail time, as we boarded they lifted the gangway and were offski, doing the lifeboat drill whilst we were still trying to find the cabin

                  We had left home at 03:00 then they put the clocks forward, we arrived on board at 17:00 and they put the clock forward during the night, then we were to attend lifeboat drill for late passengers at 08:00, we were still in deep sleep at that time and got reprimanded for second none attendance
                  I know it is important, but I am not setting the clock for it I am on holiday (I realise the importance after the Concordia and life at sea)
                  We had sailed on this ship in the same cabin three times, we have both served at sea over thirty years, so we were confident (though they would not know that unless they knew our history of Costa

                  Chillu chi nun si fa l'affari sua, cc? la linterna va circann? guai:
                  He who doesn't mind his own business
                  uses his lantern to look for trouble.


                    Hi Jimbo, I had been looking at this itinerary but the dates were wrong for me, are you doing a review? I would be interested to see hiw you found the itinerary, and entertainment. CG


                      Originally posted by cornish girl, falmouth View Post
                      Hi Jimbo, I had been looking at this itinerary but the dates were wrong for me, are you doing a review? I would be interested to see hiw you found the itinerary, and entertainment. CG
                      Hi CG,

                      As far as the entertainment on board any Costa ship goes, it is mainly visual or in English songs, we have only ever found one show poor enough to leave.
                      Even the 'Italian Nights' you can understand most of the music and songs. One down side is the five/six language hello's and goodbyes.

                      Piano bar aft has English player/singer on most ships main bar/ballroom is highlight for all entertainment. All crew speak reasonable English
                      Cruising is like;

                      Being in The Garden of Eating


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