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Drink prices on the costa Atlantica Caribean Cruise

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    Drink prices on the costa Atlantica Caribean Cruise

    Is it worth purchasing the X1 Adult or X1 Child package?
    It appears if 2 are sharing a cabin, then BOTH have to pay for the same package.
    Ideally, I would like the X1 Adult package, and my daughter with whom I am travelling would like the X1 Child.
    All we really want is to be able to drink soft drinks 'anytime', not just lunch and dinner - seems a very very expensive just to drink at meal breaks.
    Can anyone tell us whether it is worth it bearing in mind we will be touring an island on 2 out of the 8 days.
    Drinks also appear to be based in Euro's, and appear VERY VERY expensive.
    Is this the case?
    Would be grateful for any advise - our first cruise.

    Last time we used Costa in the Caribbean the prices onboard was in dollars, and you could take your own soda and water onboard. it may have changed now.

    May be worth ringing Costa and ask about the package as you want it.
    they may have a soda only package like RCCL.

    The X1 is only while you are eating in the MDR, or the buffet area

    Hopefully the drinks are cheaper in the carib (DOLLARS)than the Med (EUROS)..if you ring let use know there reply... Best of luck


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