Now that Costa appear to have changed their itinerary for the second time and are not going to The Holy Land at all this April, we wondered if anyone else is booked for this cruise and whether they are experiencing the same treatment as us?
Obviously we were disappointed about Egypt being dropped but we understood the need for change and Costa's revised itinerary for an extra day in the Holy Land was attractive enough for us to make the full payment for the cruise.
Now without contacting us at all, they have changed the title of our cruise to 'Greece and Cyprus' dropping both Israel ports.
According to our TA, Costa do not allow people to cancel or change their cruise or compensate with concessions, despite the fact that what they are now offering will no longer do 'what it says on the tin'.
We were not even informed by Costa, or our TA, nevermind being offered any compensation or apologies.
We are currently looking into our position on this, but would recommend caution if anyone is considering booking a Costa Cruise. If this company can advertise a cruise anywhere, get bookings for it, then change the destinations in advance shortly after the deadline for final payment; and without making any effort to consult their customers or soften the pill, perhaps they might wish to think again.
We have never booked a Costa cruise before but expected this company to be like others we have cruised with. Sadly it appears not to be.