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Middle East on Costa Luminosa, December 6 to13

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    Middle East on Costa Luminosa, December 6 to13

    I have just got back from what will be my last cruise on a Costa ship. My first was a round trip in the Mediterranean where every port meant a new batch leaving and joining the ship and I just thought I had been unlucky with the batch of a particular nationality but unfortunately this cruise has shown me that that nationality which was in the great majority this time is indeed rude and agressive. I still have the remains of the bruises I got at the stampede to get into the mosque at Muscat. They also talked loudly over the announcements or courier comments that were not in their language.
    I had asked for a large table for dinner as I was travelling on my own, but on a table for 10 there were two couples and me and the others sat separately as if on tables for two.
    However, the trip otherwise was great - I saw the places I wanted to see, the ship was clean (except for the flies in the Lido deck) and the staff really pleasant. The food was good - but why, on an Italian ship, did the Pizzaria only ever produce a Maguerita and a cheese with a few mushrooms pizzas through the whole cruise? Also the icecrean was watery and came out of machines like Mr Whippy. The X1 drinks package proved good but there was some times when it was difficult to get BarService on the Lido deck.

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