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Cruising with Costa, on Costa Marina

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    Cruising with Costa, on Costa Marina

    Hi, I'm back from my first cruise.
    A few weeks ago I asked for advice from other members about Costa, as our departure date was getting closer, and we had almost no information from them.
    Well, now I am back and know some of the answers for myself, so thanks to all who offered advice.
    The cruise itself was wonderful beyond our expectations, the crew of the dear little Costa Marina were perfect, as was the organisation on board, food was amazing, and non-stop, we have never been so well looked after.
    As many of you know the Costa Marina is the oldest and smallest ship in the fleet, but I would so rather sail on her than those floating tower blocks.
    Out of about 750 passengers, we represented 50% of the English on board ie; there were only 4 Brits! But that made no difference to the crew, most of who spoke at least 4 languages, between us, my wife and I speak German and French, so no problems on the trips either. All in all we have had a wonderful time, and are looking forward to the next voyage, sadly however the Marina is being retired soon, what a shame.
    Where Costa let themselves down so badly was with information before the voyage, and their complete refusal to allow us to pre book beverage packages or trips. Joining the buses for transport from Nice to Savona was no joke either, luckily for us all it was a clear, cold but dry day, it took almost 2 hours to find and get on the correct bus, what that would have been like in summer heat, or rain, especially for older passengers does not bear thinking about.
    I suppose the experience was very Italian, terrific style and flair when they got going, but terrible organisation from the home team.
    Having said all that, we are still looking forward to our next Costa Cruise, we will just book in a different way next time.

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