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Costa Classica in Collision

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    Costa Classica in Collision

    See my cruise blog: HERE

    Oh dear....looks like some of the passengers will have had a 'rude awakening' .... hope the injuries are not too serious......


      The accident happened at 4:45am as the ship was heading into port. The other vessel involved was the 86,848-ton Belgian-registered bulk carrier Lowlands Longevity, which was travelling in the same direction.

      The 1,311 passengers, mainly Asians, but with some American and Canadian, were summoned to their emergency muster stations and the ship docked at 10 a.m.

      A statement from Costa's head office in Italy says: " After the incident a few guests reported to the ship's medical staff for minor injuries. Upon arrival of the ship in Shanghai three of them were sent ashore for further medical checks.

      "Costa is very regretful that this incident has occurred and is working closely with Marine Safety Administration of Shanghai to fully investigate this matter.

      "The original Shanghai-Japan-Korea- Hong Kong voyage scheduled to depart on October 18 has been cancelled. Costa is sorry for any inconvenience caused to passengers as a result."

      The vessel had been in the news earlier today after a bizarre incident at the last port of call in South Korea, where 44 passengers jumped ship.

      Police traced 11 to two hotels on Chejudo island, but the other 33 are still missing and are thought to be attempting to emigrate from China illegally in search of jobs in the resort.

      The 30 male and 14 female passengers failed to return from an excursion and police discovered that although they had taken luggage with them they left their passports on the ship, which left the port as scheduled yesterday afternoon.

      A local immigration office spokesman said "As soon as we find all of them, they will be deported."

      From Captain Greybeard, mirror.co.uk
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        http://sh.eastday.com/qtmt/20101018/u1a813243.html From chinese newspaper


          Look out Thomson clients a 'NEW' ship is coming to the fleet.
          Cruising is like;

          Being in The Garden of Eating


            Originally posted by tenpin, Basingstoke View Post
            Look out Thomson clients a 'NEW' ship is coming to the fleet.
            Indeed! From what I've been reading recently about their 'brand new' ship Dream, the collided Costa Classica would be a marvellous acquisition for Thomson.


              We feel very sorry and awful, when we see this damage...
              I read about it today in the German forum with the following links
              Costa Classica von Frachtschiff gerammt | CruiseTricks

              We cruised in 2006 very safely and happily around the UK (with quite some "heavy weather" between Firth of Forth and the Danish coast) and in 2007 to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and back, so it really hurts to see pictures like that. Somehow we know, why we usually book inside-view cabins...

              The Costa Classica had also already burned quite heavily at the back, but quite some years ago and they fixed it really nicely. So hope is there also for this damage.
              Best regards from southwest Germany at the Swiss border

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                How many more times are Costa going to be involved with all manner of incidents before the public starts to dismiss them as a joke!?!
                If they were the last company left to offer 'cruises' - then I guess I'll be looking for a caravan!!!


                  The damage to the vessel was reported to be 96 feet long, and almost 10 feet high, requiring repairs to
                  more than 60 cabins. It is unclear at this time whether those staterooms are in service.

                  The Classica will set sail on her next scheduled departure as planned, an October 23 cruise from Hong Kong,
                  so it should be underway again.

                  Apparently, Costa Cruises had made arrangements with the shipyard in Changxing just 16 hours after the incident.
                  Cruisings Cool


                    I have just looked on the camera's and the virtual map on the Costa Classica, and she is in Hong Kong


                      Bosscat and tenpin your humour seems to come direct from the gutter. How can you make fun of a situation that could have killed people. Shame on you both


                        Originally posted by stemar, St. Helens View Post
                        Bosscat and tenpin your humour seems to come direct from the gutter. How can you make fun of a situation that could have killed people. Shame on you both
                        Apart from the fact that it didn't kill anyone, I wasn't trying to be funny. Thomson are known for acquiring ships and putting them to sea when they're not sea-ready and I was making a point.

                        But don't let that get in the way of your being the forum police officer, will you?


                          Well Bosscat i must have hit a nerve. Having just been on the Dream i can in all honesty say she is a fantastic ship with a brilliant crew so i do not see your point

                          The Dreams preperations earlier in the year were disrupted because of the ash cloud when she was used to ferry people to mainland Spain. Which ships have been put to sea unready

                          So do not let my experiences get in the way of your sick comments


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