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It's a miracle after Carnival cruises straight into pier

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    It's a miracle after Carnival cruises straight into pier

    Carnival Cruises 2,124-passenger vessel the Miracle has apparently sailed straight into the end of a pier.

    Luckily nobody was hurt in the incident, which happened at St Kitts on Thursday January 28th, but the vessel incurred a 15-foot long gash as a result.

    Port officials also stated that 2,178 passengers and 914 crew members were onboard the ship at the time of the accident.

    The Miracle was due back in Fort Lauderdale at around 8:00 am yesterday morning, but docked at around 12 noon having been delayed by repair works.

    She will now embark on an eight-day Caribbean cruise after recovering from the incident.

    It's not the first time one of Carnival Cruises' fleet has been involved in a crash.

    In October 2009 the Carnival Legend collided with Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas after strong winds pushed the two vessels together off the coast of Mexico.

    Have you ever been onboard a ship when it has crashed into something? Or perhaps you have seen an unusual accident or personal injury out on the high seas?

    Ship happens!

    St.Kitts...sorry, Port Zante is a known very-windy location.
    to the point where docking is sometimes aborted, if the wind is too strong.

    Look at those flags!
    The wind was so strong they were snapping!

    The above photo taken at Port Zante, St.Kitts in early January 2008.

    January to April is seasonal hi-wind-speed time of year in the Caribbean
    = kite-flying season!

    I'm fairly sure that, given a choice,
    Captains prefer to berth on the windward side of the Port Zante pier
    so that during the day, the ambient wind keeps their hull firmly pressed against the pier.
    Berthing on the leeward side, means the wind tries to blow the ship away from the pier
    constantly straining the mooring lines.

    I wasn't there to see, but it's not hard to imagine that
    while trying to dock against the windward side,
    a strong gust coming at the worst possible moment
    could have blown the ship off course and set things up for collision!
    Ship happens, as they say! ;)

    The unfortunate incident at Mexico was also related to very strong winds!

    Cruise ships are rather large (moving) 'buildings'!
    They 'catch' an awful lot of wind, and it has powerful effect on the ship.

    It's a big factor when docking -ask any Captain!


    Please visit URLs
    for further details.

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      Port Zante can be problematic!

      Originally posted by Cruise News, cruise.co.uk View Post
      Carnival Cruises 2,124-passenger vessel the Miracle
      has apparently sailed straight into the end of a pier.
      A bit sensationalist, don't you think?

      Port Zante, St.Kitts.

      With a 15ft. gash down the side (of the bow?)
      it sounds more like a glancing blow, while coming alongside at slow speed

      See here...

      Carnival Victory goes in there every week of life
      -they know better!

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