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Destiny to Sunshine - what's changed?

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    Destiny to Sunshine - what's changed?

    Having recently travelled on Carnival Sunshine, I got to wondering exactly what changes had been made to the layout of the ship. On board in each cabin is a souvenir book, pointing out some of the "world beating features of Destiny" and I wondered what had happened to these.

    In particular, the book boasted of a 3 deck main theatre - and as hard as I looked, I could only find 2 decks in the theatre. I wondered where the third deck went.

    There was also a boast of a massive space factor of over 38, and I wondered how that had been affected by the changes.

    A couple of hours spent poring over deck pklans later, I had the answer. The part of the theatre that was on deck 3 is now cabins, and the space factor has dropped by over 10%.

    If you have time to read it all, here are the changes to deck layout that I found.

    Deck 1

    No changes

    Deck 2

    No changes

    Deck 3

    Lowest tier of show lounge removed - 41 new cabins added in this area (3101 – 3143)

    Deck 4

    Floor of show lounge above deck 3 cabins installed. New stage on this floor. Most seating in this new area is free-standing

    Midships dining room (upper level) removed. In this area the following added:
    Library bar. Piano bar 88. Fahrenheit 555 steak house & bar. Conference room.

    Restrooms by midships elevators realigned. Corridor in this area realigned. Internet café removed. Onyx cigar room replaced by Limelight lounge.

    Deck 5

    Formalities (shop) and Virtual world (arcade) removed, and replaced by Cherry on top (shop)

    Destiny’s way (corridor) merged with casino. Part of casino (backing on to cherry on top) walled off to create The Warehouse (arcade)

    Café on the way replaced by Javablue café, shake spot (milkshake bar) and fun hub (internet café)

    Point after (dance club) partitioned into 2 sections – one becoming Ocean Plaza, the other becoming Red Frog pub

    Downbeat (disco), Apollo bar and Criterion lounge removed – 50 new cabins added in this area (5301 – 5355)

    Deck 6

    7 cabins regraded as category NO night owl interior cabins

    Deck 7

    No changes

    Deck 8

    No changes

    Deck 9

    4 cabins removed (9101 – 9104) – deck extended over Bridge and 12 new cabins added (9107 – 9132)

    Poolside stage removed. Hot tubs beside pool removed and relocated further forward.

    Solar bar removed. Blue Iguana & Red Frog bars added.

    Blue Iguana cantina and Guys burger joint added.

    NY deli & Happy valley removed and replaced by buffet seating.

    Grand buffet removed and replaced by Lido marketplace, incorporating various food stations. Pizzeria relocated into this area.

    Stern pool removed and replaced by Havana bar. Pizzeria replaced by Cucina del Capitano (pasta). The Grille replaced by Ji Ji (Asian food)

    Deck 10

    Cabins 1001 - 1017 renumbered as 10102 – 10116 (even) and 10117 – 10131 (odd)

    Camp Carnival removed. Spa & fitness centre realigned. 7 new cabins added in area created by this (10101 – 10115)

    14 new cabins added in area that was previously outside deck space.

    Slide, slide pool & spa pool removed from forward deck.

    Club 02, Circle C& Camp Carnival removed & relocated to deck 10 aft- on new deck above Havana Bar. Mini golf removed. Waterworks area added.

    Deck 11

    33 new cabins added (11001 – 11035)

    Pool & Serenity open deck added. Sport-square added.

    Deck 12

    25 new cabins added (12001 – 12027)

    Serenity open deck added.

    Mini Golf added to new aft deck.

    Deck 14

    Serenity open deck, bar & spa added.

    Welcome to the forum. Are you making a point? are you for or against the changes? or is the info just in case any of us travel on the Sunshine in the future?

    Anyway that's some very thorough information you've provided us with, thanks (I think)


      Couldn't have put it better myself RB


        Welcome aboard.

        To be honest most of theses ship make-overs add extra cabins, which make the ship a little more crowded. To my mind that benefits the cruise lines profits rather than he passenger experience.
        See my cruise blog: HERE


          Not making any point - just interested in what happened during a long dry dock.

          I did notice one change that I was in favour of... the interior decor is far more subdued than Carnival's usual Bordello/Vegas offering. This makes me suspect that the refit was aimed towards the ship being possibly UK based - though currently Carnival are not planning to home port any ships in Europe next year - so that's that theory out the window!


            Hi AJ ... thanks for explaining your interest and welcome to the forum.

            Following the comments by previous passengers I probably would try them out if/when they return to Europe or if they have an itinerary elsewhere in the world whcih catches my eye.


              Thanks for your research - great job!


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