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Easy or Variety

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    Easy or Variety

    While digging up some information for the cabin servicing thread I stumbled on the Easycruise website being live again.

    my initial thought was wow not heard about this maybe there will be some great value.

    Hopes were soon dashed as the page links to a cruise business I had never heard of before but has been about for 50years.

    Variety Cruises

    This Greek cruise line specializes at the small end of the market, the biggest ship(yacht) can take 71pax

    With 11 ship they cover quite a few areas but as you would expect they don't come cheap, around £300pppd would not be too far off looking at one of the specials.

    I had a look at some reviews and they were positive so if looking at the tiny end of the market with unusual itinerary you may find something.

    Hi TD, Thanks for posting. I’ve just checked out the Variety Cruises website and they have some really interesting itineraries. I would love to sail on the 8 day ‘ Jewels of the Cyclades’ Cruise, but sadly the cost is not within my budget. As you pointed out, for anyone with a healthy budget who may be searching for something a little different, there is a good choice.


      I have never heard of the Company, and it's nice to have the choice of something else. Although as much as I think I would like to cruise on such a small ship, I'm not sure in reality I would be able to. Any rough seas and I would definitely feel sea sick!! .................................................. ...................Carol


        They sound perfect but I'm with Carol . A rough sea would not be congenial for me on a small ship.

        We've done day trips on Gulets in Turkey and I'd love to do a full cruise on one but running into choppy seas puts me of a bit.
        BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


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