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Falklands and cruise ships

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    Falklands and cruise ships

    In 2012 princess cruises were barred from the Falklands due to illness on board

    Falkland Islands: Cruise ship with 3,500 passengers - many Argentinian - turned away | Mail Online

    There does not seem to be many cruises going there since other than bespoke expidition type cruises, I was wondering if it was this and Argentina ranting and raving has put cruise liners off. The history and wildlife would make it an interesting port.

    anyone been there on a cruise or invoved in the war in the 80's give there experience of the place famous for its oatmeal stout.

    I was lucky I did the Falklands and Buenos Aires on the Aurora world cruise both unmissible , unfortunately politics has raised it's ugly head and cruise ships are easy targets.


    The beaches are out of bounds because if the danger of mines washing in a pity because the beaches are lovely

    One of the Natives.



      A penguin with no ice and snow.


        Yes it was a lovely day met plenty of them on a ramble along the cliff pathway, met quite a few expats also mostly from the west country great to talk to them. CG


          If you go there is no guarantee you can go ashore as it is a tender port . We went last year but could not go ashore for this reason. Managed a few photos from the ship of the island and that was it! Many disappointed passengers who had planned to lay wreaths etc. If we had waited a couple of hours longer till around 11-0 am we would have got there as the weather settled but the Captain of the ship had decided to cruise away so we all missed it.


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