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One way to do Buenos Aires Part 2 - San Telmo and La Boca

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    One way to do Buenos Aires Part 2 - San Telmo and La Boca

    Continuing with my series of 'One way to do...' this edition is the second part of our recent visit to Buenos Aires.

    Anyone wishing to play catch-up can see the first review at...

    Travel Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Mature Travel Advice, Silver Travel Forum

    San Telmo is the oldest barrio (neighborhood) of Buenos Aires. It is a well-preserved area and is best characterized by its colonial buildings, cafes, tango parlours (Milongas) and antique shops...

    ...This one on the corner of 'Calle Defensa' and 'Calle Humberto'... with this open café square, Plaza Dorrego, opposite...

    ...which will feature quite prominently in Part Three of the series, Tango Nights in Buenos Aires.

    However, to give a sense of its appeal, particularly on a Sunday afternoon...

    ...I have included the above photo courtesy of Helge Høifødt

    Leaving our hotel, close to Plaza Mayo, we headed along the cobbled streets of San Telmo past churches...

    ...and street markets selling the ubiquitous gentleman's headgear, the slouch hat...

    Our first San Telmo destination this day was Lezama Park, easily found by continuing along Calle Defensa. Lezama Park has four interesting features and an amazing history. The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is situated on the Western side as the Park is approached...

    ...and on the opposite side is the 'Monumento a la Cordialidad argentino-uruguaya', (Argentina- Uruguay warmth Monument), a gift made in 1936 to commemorate the 400 year foundation of Buenos Aires. The monument is made of bronze...

    Heading away from the park we now entered the barrio of La Boca. It is known among sports fans for 'La Bombonera, the home of Boca Juniors, one of the world's best known football clubs.

    La Boca is a popular destination for tourists, with its colourful houses and pedestrian street, the Caminito, where tango artists perform and tango-related memorabilia is sold.

    Of course La Bombonara dominates the La Boca landscape...

    ...but only a short walk further opens up the colourful vistas of Caminito...

    Cafes, Bars and Restaurants are a plenty...

    ...all a blaze of colour, most with music and Tango dancing, whether staged, as above, or just plainly on the sidewalk...

    What a fun hour we spent sat at this place, enjoying a few Argentinian Quilmes Beers...

    ...while other passing tourists also joined the fun...

    La Boca sits near the mouth of the Riachuelo River. Indeed, the restaurant in the last few photographs above sits on the river front: which is why my attention became drawn to another Buenos Aires landmark, some 300 metres away.

    The Nicolas Avellaneda Bridge, or at least the original version, dates back to 1914 and ran, as a 'transporter bridge' until 1960. In 1999 it was included as a National Historic Landmark.

    The newer road bridge can be seen in the background.

    That just about concludes this thread on San Telmo and La Boca. We wandered back to our hotel, soaking up both the sun and the atmosphere, and taking in our final venue for the day, a return visit to a church we passed earlier and a closer look at the Mausoleo del General Manuel Belgrano.

    ...which stands in the grounds of the Convent de Santo Domingo.

    I trust visitors and members have enjoyed this second part of 'One Way to do Buenos Aires'. No amount of photographs can convey the true colour and vibrancy of these two districts of Buenos Aires: they have to be experienced.

    I haven't yet been to South America so your series is very interesting and the photos really help to bring Buenos Aires to life, thank you. Looking forward to part three. The whole cruise from BA to Valparaiso looks fascinating and is on our to do list.


      Many thanks Richard, another excellent feature in your "One way to Do" series... albeit with the next exciting instalment still to come...
      It is certainly whetting the appetite for “Two to Tango”…!
      Lancashire Cunarder


        Thanks Richard , another good 'how to do number' certainly brought back memories and safely stored should I ever go that way again.CG


          Excellent review and great pictures. Thanks also for the catch up link, looks a fab place.

          One for the wish list.


            We are doing South America with CMV in January so I have found all your information excellent.


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